Saturday Brunch at Nineteen, Address Montgomerie

What an absolute pleasure to be able to write what is going to be an entirely positive post!  I have nothing but good things to say about this weekends brunching overindulgence!

I’ve been to Nineteeen at the Address Montgomerie more times than I care to admit.  Each time I hoped it would be as good as the first time and sadly, it failed or just got worse.

Thankfully I was in the mood for a roast dinner and totally blanked some of the poorest experiences.

Nineteen has not only gone through a refurbishment, but it’s Saturday brunch has too! There is no table service for anything other than drinks now, which is great because it means it’s easier to mix and match!

Let me tell you about the bits I did sample… More


This week I was approached by a blog site called My Trending Stories (“MTS”). They had apparently seen one of my posts and enjoyed it. The initial approach was so complimentary that I was hugely flattered. Naturally I emailed back and asked for more information.

A generic reply email was sent, but I was still flattered and with nothing much better to do at the time, I reply again with more specific questions.

Sadly, when the reply came through with further flattery and promises to really help mentor me and help me become an influential blogger – rather than answering my direct queries, my natural cynicism kicked in big time. More

Afternoon Tea at the Burj Al Arab

Every now and again I feel the need to act my age.  Thankfully its very rare, but when it does happen, instead of doing something boring I end up having a very lovely afternoon with one of my girlfriends at the Burj Al Arab!

I should confess that it isn’t exactly how this wonderful day started… Read here for the whole sorry cupcake saga.

I know I am going to go on a rambling off topic bit about the hotel first, so sorry but…. More

A year on…

It’s Dubai. Nothing stays the same for a whole year, right?

Last July I went to Bollaro at the Conrad and loved it. I loved it so much that I wrote probably one of my nicest posts ever about it – which you can read here if you want.

When I was invited to my lovely friend’s 50th birthday celebration, I was very excited to find out it was at Bollaro. I mean, I had such a great experience there that it would be lovely for her too!

And it was… More

Spell Check

I really wish spell check would also look at the title of the post.  I wonder how many I have the wrong spelling in?  Not too bad if you read the post online as I can amend and update, but you lovely email subscribers get to see all my glorious errors!  Sorry!!!

Complete Cupcake Catastrophe

(Yes… I am apparently very much enjoying all the alliterations at the moment!!)

Months back I put out a plea on Facebook for someone to come with me to a cake decorating class I had found.  I didn’t think it would be The Boy’s cup of tea (although after actually discussing it with him, he would have given it a shot if I wanted him too – he’s an angel!) and so I thought that someone must be as excited by me at the prospect of learning to pretty up cakes.  I was right… my friend Claire did!

We were so excited we booked with Cake Story straight away, despite it being a good 2 months in advance of the class date.  We chose their giant cup cake class, and had plans to participate in more going forward.  I thought I had found my heaven.

But… More

Facebook Frustrations

I am not good in the mornings. My eyes may be open but it’s not a general indicator that all is well. It just means my eyes have decided that they are rested enough. My mind and body definitely do not agree with this 99% of the time.

My way of waking myself up is to look at my phone. I’m sure it’s terrible for me and will result in eyeball cancer or something, but it’s true. In the olden times, Mum had to talk me awake. Now my eyes talk me awake.

What do I look at, I hear you ask? (Yes, I have a vivid imagination.) More

Olympic Sized Objections to the Media

I feel a rant coming on.

In case you’ve been living in a cave in the remote mountains of Outer Mongolia, you will know that the Olympics is on.  I have zero interest.  I never have, and unless I am invited to join Prince William and Prince Harry for a day, the likelihood of me ever being interested is nil.

The newspapers (online) have been full of X wins Gold/Silver/Bronze.  Thousands of words have been dedicated to celebrating the athletes accomplishments and their medal haul – or lack thereof in a few cases.  Totally news worthy and congratulations to everyone for being selected to represent your country.  It’s an amazing feat!

Naturally there is a flip side… More


Why are they called blueberries?  They look black or super dark purple on the outside.  Cut them in half and they are a weird greeny-yellow on the inside.  The juice that you get when you cut them is purple.  So why are they blueberries?  I don’t get it.

“Previously on…”

Am I the only one who absolutely hates shows that start with the incredibly annoying “Previously on…” voiceover and scenes? I feel insulted. I do not have the memory of a squashed gnat. My IQ is somewhere above 10 points. I am binge watching your stupid show for goodness sake. Even if I weren’t, if your show was any bloody good I would remember what happened “Previously on…”. In fact, if it was so poor that I needed your annoying “Previously on…” reminder, I wouldn’t sodding watch any more of your show! Cut it out! 


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