Dubai World Cup, 2018

Very early one morning last week, I got a text from one of my coworkers asking if I have ever been to the Dubai World Cup.  I figure it was just a “do you think I should go” type question so said that I hadn’t been because it was expensive if you aren’t into horse racing, and didn’t think about it again.

A few hours later the same coworker comes by my desk with 4 tickets that he had been given to him at an event the night before.  Turns out he is less into horse racing than I am.  It was such a kind thing to do.

A message was pinged to my girl group and the first ones with their hands up got a free ticket too.  The only thing to do was to work out what on earth to wear.  Thankfully with the aid of some good and strong Spanks, I was able to fit into my Christmas Day dress again.  Luckily, I also had a fascinator to match.  I was good to go! Continue reading


Sunshine Taxi Ride

One of the major downsides to Dubai is the taxi drivers.  Not all of them, but a fairly large amount.  They drive terribly, are grouchy and rude, are sexist, smell bad… the list just goes on and on.  I’ve written about those journeys a number of times.

Every now and again though you get an absolute ray of sunshine.  Today was such a day.

I can’t remember his name because it wasn’t one I’d heard before, but Mr. Taxi Man was lovely.  As soon as I got in his clean and unscented taxi, there was a calm feeling.  He smiled and asked which route I would like to take, and then listened.

After a while of talking about the weather in Dubai, we moved onto the weather in England and then in Pakistan.  From there we chatted around a bit more and finally landed on the fact he was moving back at the end of Ramadan.  He had spent 6yrs in Abu Dhabi and then the last year or so in Dubai, but he was ready to go back now.

Turns out this lovely chap had been here for 8 years in order to save to open his second bakery in Islamabad.  He was so excited to be going back, and gave me his phone full of photographs of the newly opened, spotlessly clean bakery, and his brother “who has my face”.

It was such a pleasant way to start the day.  There was no creepiness, even when he offered to have me to his house to meet his family if I was ever in Pakistan.  Just the natural friendliness of someone who leads a good life and has been bought up to be hospitable.  He even offered to have his brother send some cookies over so that I could try them already.

I am writing this in the hope that someone googling “Bakery Islamabad” or “Bakery Pakistan” stumbles across this and decides to try it out.  It’s called:

Rahat Bakers
G15, Islamabad

He doesn’t know I am writing this.  He probably never will and that’s ok.  I just wanted to try and help out someone who without knowing, changed my entire outlook on the day.

Good Luck Mr. Taxi-Baker Man!

I’m Proud of Me

That is not a statement that you will hear very often, but in this case it is completely true!

Recently I was invited karting.  Yes, people still do the go-karting thing that I thought had died out back in the early 2000’s!  I was really chuffed to be asked along because it’s a group I didn’t feel I had a place with really.  Not for any other reason than I do a very different job to them.

Then it kind of struck me that I had been invited to go to the Autrodrome‘s outdoor karting place and drive a go-kart (are they still called that or is it like an old person saying “The Facebook”?!) around a track.  With other people.

This presented so many issues for me I hardly know where to start! Continue reading

Dirty Little Secret

It’s about food, of course, before you get all concerned about what you are about to read!!

Actually, I think it’s more of a guilty pleasure but whatever.

This is the Al Reef Lebanese Bakery on Al Wasl Road.  It’s open 24/7, just as an FYI! Continue reading

Backyard Movies at the Steigenberger Hotel, Business Bay

Waaaaay back in January I was scrolling through Facebook when an interesting event caught my eye.  The Steigenberger Hotel was doing ourdoor movies, in a bar/restaurant called The Backyard.

I love watching movies under the stars so I phoned (ok, that’s a lie… I whatsapp’d) Carla to see if she would mind moving our Ladies Night from Nezza’s to here.  Thankfully she agreed!

7pm the following Tuesday I was there and ready to go!   Continue reading

“My Amazing Dubai Trip”

Guest post by my fabulous Mummy!!

On the 21st of December, leaving my two dogs and my house in the loving care of my friend Colleen, I set off and arrived in Dubai.  Daughter 1 met me at the airport and after a light tea we went to bed ready to start our adventuring the next day.

You might be forgiven for thinking that our holiday revolved entirely round food and places to eat.  This is only partially true!  We did eat our way around Dubai (I was impressed I didn’t need an extension seat belt on the plane on the way home!) but the truth is it gives us chance to talk and enjoy our time together with as little shopping and hassle as possible, while exploring new places. Continue reading

Cove Beach Dubai

Another day, another beach!  It really is such a hard life some days!  This time it was a beach club we opted for after a recommendation by a coworker.  I have mixed feelings about beach clubs but figured that it couldn’t be too bad as it was a week day.

It’s that building again!

Continue reading