Tropical Storm Shary

Seriously?!  A Tropical Storm this late in the season AND on a weekend??

Unfortunately, yes.

On the plus side, because I need to try to think positively, it is coming on a Friday night.  This means that the worst can be when I am either a) in a bar, or b) curled up on the sofa with a Snuggie!!  Also, Saturday may be a little wobbly weather-wise, but Sunday should be great again!

Will keep you updated of Shary’s progress!!

UPDATE:  We are going to take a direct hit.  Shary is now a weak Tropical Storm.  Will bring lots of rain etc.   Whatever!  I am sooo staying in and keeping dry!!!!!

UPDATE:  We didn’t notice it.  There was a bit of rain and some thunder and lightening, but nothing else… thankfully!


Sunday’s Snorkeling

One of the items on my bucket list was to snorkel at Tobacco Bay in St. Georges.  Not exactly sure why as my last snorkeling experience was about 4 years ago and scared me so much  I haven’t done it since.

It turns out that four years is enough to lessen the panic so I got up fairly early and set off to see the fishes!

What I didn’t realise until I got there is how beautiful it is, and how much there is to snorkel around if you are a strong swimmer or if you have plenty of experience.  I am not a strong swimmer, nor do I have much experience so I stuck to taking pictures of the adventurous looking parts!



After sufficient clambering around on rocks and thinking that I was going to slip and die, I ambled over to the beach area and readied myself for my snorkel experience.

Turns out I really do not like snorkeling!!!!!!!!

Off I went and saw the fish and took pictures of a few.  It was a little boring and the sea was a bit strong, but I was doing ok.  Then I  managed to swim into a school of these white fish things.  I have no idea what they are and am not getting very far on googling them.  Once again, emails and/or comments are welcome if you know!


(Am shuddering again just thinking about it!)

I quickly reversed and swam off with the little buggers following me.  Following a quick freak out and stand up to breathe real air, I started off again.  Not much to be seen or to photograph apart from the white fish things really… until I saw a giant fish!  I was again, slightly freaking so I stood up again to regain my composure.  Thank goodness it was shallow! 

I got chatting with a random local chap who turned out to be Patrick The Snorkel Guide (not quite as odd as Sir Patrick, but fairly close!).  He had a look at the fish I had just encountered and informed me that it was a Grey (therefore female) Parrot Fish.  Impressive.  Turns out that the males are the pretty ones… who knew!?

He kindly invited me to join the snorkel tour that he was just taking out and I (stupidly) accepted.  He kept feeding the damn white fish things and so they didn’t bugger off.  Very frustrating.  I did however see the following things:

TEENY WEE NEMO’S (yes, I know they’re the wrong colour but that’s what they remind me of!)




And then, there was the strangest looking fish I have ever seen on TV or whist in the water.  Unfortunately it didn’t take a good picture.  I was going to call it “Fu Manchu Fish” until I googled and discovered that its name is…


I was very impressed and when I looked around for someone to tell to take a look and tell me what I was seeing, everyone had gone.  I was beyond unhappy.  We were, by this time, the other side of the rocks so it was very strong currents (for me) and there were scary looking rocks everywhere.  I had mental visions of being thrown against them and bleeding to death/being eaten by a shark who was attracted by the smell of blood.  And yes, I am aware that I have a totally overactive imagination!

I had a little swim a bit further along the rocks to try to find everyone, but nothing.  So I thought I would swim a bit further and cut through the rocks back to the safe zone.  No such luck.  There were gaps but I couldn’t judge how far under water they were and if I would be able to get through or not (without being thrown into the rocks etc. etc. etc!).  Instead of trying I decided to take the sensible route and swim back the way I came.  Turns out I was swimming into the current.  By the time I had got back to shore I was exhausted and thankful that the main area is super shallow or I would not have made it back without help. I was very upset and very angry, but Patrick was nowhere to be seen to shout at.  He was still out with the one other couple who hadn’t given in and turned around.  I hung out a while waiting to give him a piece of my mind, but they were still out there somewhere.  Probably a good thing really!

I continued my tanning down at the Southampton Princess beach, and then back at the pool, but gave up fairly early.  After a 5 mile walk on Saturday and a 2hr swim that morning, I did the only sensible thing… I sat in the hot tub and chilled out with a good book.  I was going to have an early night too, but I got hooked on a marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Sad, but true!

Such a fantastic weekend.  I would not do it any differently (apart from maybe not joining the mental snorkel man) even though my muscles haven’t hurt this much in a very long time, if ever!!!

Saturday’s Sightseeing

My friend and I took the insane Delilah (see pic) for a ‘little’ walk along the Somerset section of the Railway Trail.  It was a very pleasant walk, but there wasn’t much to see.  On the brochure it said that there were stunning sea views.  I guess there would be if those damn trees were not in the way!!



The first section of our walk started at the Hitching Post where we parked (probably illegally) and ambled our way over Somerset Bridge to find the trail. 

Before we hit even the bridge though, there was a stunning old house.  I don’t know what it was, if it’s inhabited, or if it has any major part in Bermuda’s history, but it is a beautiful example of Bermuda architecture and it’s been preserved so well that it is just one of Bermuda’s hidden treasures.  I have attached  a pic below.  Please email or comment if you can fill us in on its history!


The guide to Bermuda’s Railway Trails tells us that this particular section of the trail is 1.7 miles, and so a nice 3 mile walk sounded pleasant enough.  The trails are pretty much all paved over now so it’s not like a hike or a ramble.  We set off with gusto (well, Delilah did!), water and my camera… and a great sense of adventure…

Three hours later when we returned to the car the water was gone as was the gusto!  I did however manage to take some good pictures!

The walk would not have taken three hours had we returned the way we came.  That would have been boring though and there is no fun in being boring.  Instead, we took the road route back for two-thirds of the trail.  Turns out that it was pretty much uphill the whole way and twice as long as the trail!  We did see some fantastic properties and views so it made it all worth it. 

Here are a couple of my favourite shots:



I estimate we walked a good 5 miles.  It was probably nearer 4, but who’s going to argue with me!? 

On the way home we stopped at the Hayden’s Trust church.  It’s a super old church and is the smallest functional church on the island.  It still has monk chants daily.  I am so going back to check that out.  I can’t tell you much more about it because that is all I know.  Useless, I know!


By the time we had finished walking around the church, been to the grocery store, taken Delilah home and had something to eat, there was no energy left for anything else!  We sat outside on my friends patio which over looks the ocean, and chatted until it was time to get home to feed the dogs again!

An exhausting, but fantastic day start to finish!

Weekend of Adventuring!

With only a limited number of weekends available to me now, I had to make the most of the one just gone… and I am still recovering!!

Friday saw the 1st birthday of my friends beautiful son.  He has spent the last year melting my heart, entertaining me, and keeping me happy and positive, so it was only right that I celebrated his milestone birthday with him.  It meant that I missed a 30th celebration for other friends and I do feel bad for that, but this baby boy is too cute to leave!!

His Mummy and Daddy had other plans for the rest of the weekend for him to celebrate with his little friends, but I was lucky enough to witness the first birthday cake (see pic of before and after!) and his first sugar rush!  It was just too much fun!





Sadly it was only the adults present that thought it would be amusing if he stuck his head in the cake, or rubbed the icing in his hair.  He was very well-behaved and instead of that, he dropped it on the floor and wiped the icing off onto his chair!

It was a wonderful evening spent with people I am going to miss badly.  It was very special and I am blessed to have been a part of it.

As for the rest of my weekend… it was reserved for my “Bermuda Bucket List”!

Introducing Me!


My name is Sharon and this is my blog.  I am not a computer geek so it could take quite some time before I have this looking right!!

As my “about” section states, I have been living and working in Bermuda for about 5 years now.  Before I go any further, I would like to state for the record that I love Bermuda and I will miss it horribly.  I will also miss my lovely friends.

Reasons To Leave:  There are a couple of main ones…

1.  My baby sister is about to give birth to her first child.  She is my only sister and this is the first of the next generation.  I couldn’t stay here and miss Bubbie’s first few weeks. 

2.  I hate my job.  I like (some of) the people I work with, but the job and the company leave a lot to be desired.

So that, in a nutshell, is me and my story.  I am writing this blog to keep everyone up to date on my latest news.  If I sent emails like I did when I first moved to Bermuda, I would forget to add people and then feel guilty.  If I write on here you can read it as often or as seldom as you wish!

I hope my ramblings keep you informed if you know me, or keep you entertained if you don’t!