Packing, Partying & Rugby

The packing does not work with the partying and the rugby at all!  Nor does blogging.

I finished work last Friday and haven’t really stopped since.  It has to be said that my final day at work was not easy, but I feel so much better!  According to a couple of friends, I look much better and non-stressy too.  It proves that much as I don’t have a job, or a plan, this really was the best thing to do.

So, the updates:

Packing – pretty much done.  I have really only the bits that I am wearing over the next week to worry about.  Tidying and bining rubbish that I am not taking with may take slightly longer.  Am going to try to get some done today, but I am having a very busy day which takes me onto…

Partying & Rugby – Am doing very well at the partying bit which ties in very closely with the rugby.  For those of you who don’t know, this week is the Bermuda Rugby Classic.  We have 8 teams of retired international players come down for a week to play rugby and drink more than is humanly possible.  It’s messy but it’s great fun.   And this ties me in nicely to my next point:

Tonight is my leaving party.  A bit early, but it works out nicely given that tomorrow is Remembrance Day and a Public Holiday here in Bermuda.  Woo hoo!  I am hosting it at the Classic so that I can see the Lions (hopefully) whip the Boks, and to cheer the Canadians on in their valiant attempt to play a decent game and get a few more points on the boards.  They’ve actually done well and taken a try in their last game… the first points they’ve taken in two years!

I have also been saving the best for last.   I am an Aunty!  My baby sister had her son yesterday lunch time.  He is actually a real cutie.  I was a bit worried he would be ugly and I’d have to say he had “character” or something, but no.  He is lovely and cute and cuddly and just perfect!!


Packing – The Never Ending Task

It seriously never ends.  For every case you pack, more stuff appears out of no where and demands to be in the next case.  How does that work???

I worked it out the other day.  I sent home 2 cases with Mummy in  the summer, and two with my flatmate when she went on holiday last time. 

So, 4 cases down.  Good, right?  No.  Wrong.  Although, kind of!  Last night I packed 3 cases and a box.  I estimate 2 more cases and I’m done.

Please remember that I am selling 99% of my stuff.  This is mostly clothes and shoes and hats and… etc. etc. etc.

I filled the first case with a baby bag for my very heavily pregnant sister, and dressing up clothes!  That seriously is about it.  I think a couple of work outfits went in to fill out the gaps, but that’s it.  It’s not even all of my fancy dress costumes as I still have to get dressed up all silly at Rugby Week! 

Oh dear. 

And is it worth it?  Hell yes it is!  I plan on introducing Costume Parties to Surrey or wherever I end up next!  I have had such a blast wearing these silly things that I can’t let them go.  Apart from the fairy outfit that made me feel like a drag queen.  I kept the wig and tiara and wand though!!

The box had my Pink Artisan Kitchen Aid Mixer, my tortilla press and a couple of t-shirts to pad it out.  Still weighs 18kg!

The other ridiculous packing example is this…. one small case is pretty much full of make up, nail varnish, perfume, sun lotion (I can go on holiday, smart-arse!) and picture frames.  Again, weighs close to 20kgs so not a waste of allowance.  I have spent years working up my OPI, MAC and Chanel collections.  Am not leaving them behind!

But here is the down side… BA baggage allowance for a Cattle Class seat is as follows:  bag #1 is free, bag #2 is $60, bags 3-10 are $100 each.  You do however get a 20% discount if you pay on-line. 


The Weekend

Well, compared to the weekend before, I did absolutely nothing!

I did manage to get to a fancy dress party or two though, which was great fun.  Dressing up is one of the seriously amusing parts of Bermuda.  Costume Parties are held regularly, and for the daftest of reasons!

I did manage to get some sorting out done, hang out with some people I will miss (although not everyone, obviously) and catch up on sleep. 

It was good and relaxing and that is exactly what I needed.  It didn’t tick off any of the bits on my Bucket List though so really must make a better effort over the next two weeks!