Random Fact #5

I had 367 views on here yesterday, of which 236 were for the post on the mosque.



Random Fact #4

If you have been on vacation to Israel, avoid the United Arab Emirates.  People have been denied entry to the UAE on the basis that they have a stamp in their passport from that country.  It’s bad.  They are very anti Israel.  They also very anti Jews.   If you hold a passport from Israel, don’t even bother trying, especially if you’re Jewish.

Sad.  Why can’t everyone just get on?

***these random facts may or may not be true… but this is what i have been told so am sharing with you***

My Apartment

I just thought I would tell you all about my lovely little apartment.  I haven’t been doing much of interest recently, so thought I would fill you in on the basics!!

I live in a nice apartment in the Dubai Marina.  I have a beautiful view from my balcony and I am really comfortable there.  I prefer the view at night though as all the building lights are on and you can see them reflecting in the water and being super pretty! You can also see through the buildings to the hotels on the Palm.  My balcony is an awesome place to watch the fireworks from! 


One one side of the building is the Marina and the other is Sheikh Zayed Road.  In case I have not told you this before, Sheikh Zayed Road is the main road that runs through the center of the city.  If you want to get anywhere, you use that road really.  It is absolute chaos and packed full of cars during the day.  In the evening it drops to about half the amount of users, but I have never seen it quiet yet.

Thankfully my apartment overlooks the water, not the road!

The other bonus is that I managed to rent a fully furnished apartment!  After leaving Bermuda, I could not face the thought of having to start all over again and then sell up or transport everything when I left.  I was even luckier to find a furnished apartment that was decorated nicely, and with the same kind of colour scheme that I like!

Not everything has been as rosy though.  I have had so many problems with the Realtor that I don’t even know where to start!  It is just a fact of life over here though, and she is one of the good ones so I can’t complain too much.  However, I do not suffer fools gladly, and she is a fool!  She is also rude, and she shouted over me when I was trying to make a complaint.  I am not her biggest fan and would not recommend her.  I am hoping that if everything goes nicely, I will be able to ditch her and do a private exchange with the Landlord next year.  Fingers crossed because I don’t want this stupid woman in my life any longer than necessary!

As for location, it’s great!  There is Marina Walk just outside my building. 

It’s an area of cafes and restaurants that sit along the water’s edge with the Marina at the end of it, and it is a very social place to be.  I walked down there at the weekend and found some fabulous places that I want to try.  For example, there is a Moroccan place that has the most divine looking seating arrangements, and there is a Chinese restaurant that is frequented by the affluent side of the Asian community.  I did try out the Nandos last night… and my chicken was undercooked.  I think I will just have to stick to their delivery system from now on!

Oh, and I have a pool in the complex, and a gym.  However, after spending time at my friends pool this weekend, mine just doesn’t hold any appeal now.  This is a pic of her pool… the one I will be spending a lot more time at if I am allowed!!

So there you have it.  I have a lovely little apartment that I am hugely comfortable in and it’s just a short walk to the Mall or the Marina Walk… mind you, both will be to far to walk to in the heat of the summer!

The Taxi From Hell

I have found it. The worst yet. Not only has he almost killed us twice in the last three minutes, but he smells so bad I may just vom everywhere. I have asked for all the windows to be opened wide, but it’s not helping.

If there is one upside to this god awful, unsanitary, delusional state of ‘hygene’ that is becoming more and more apparent with every degree it is getting hotter, it is that I may actually be able to stick to a diet. I sure as hell will not feel like eating for a long while.