Ebola Quarantine Nurse

I have conflicting thoughts about this one really.

So, Kaci Hickox had been out in Africa with Ebola patients.  She flew back to New York, and was quarantined on arrival.  She fought back saying there was no reason to quarantine her as she was not symptomatic.  She won, and then buggered off to Maine to live in her boyfriends house, but is now under house arrest style quarantine.  I think that’s the crux of it?  I probably have missed something because I haven’t been following it that closely to date.

When I read in the papers the other week that a doctor had been diagnosed with Ebola in New York upon his return from Africa, my immediate thought was that all personnel who had been working in a contamination zone should be quarantined.  The fact that Ebola has been contracted by nursing staff and doctors already, show that the safety guards are not fool proof.  So, in order to stop the spread, it sounded fairly logical to me.

But, then comes along Miss Hickox who challenges that idea. Continue reading


To Monica Lewinsky, with love xx

The name is so famous, I don’t need to try and explain who she is.

What many of you may not know is that Miss Lewinsky made her first public speech this week.  16 years after her life was blown apart.

What an eloquent, elegant, proud, intelligent, strong and beautiful woman.

To view her full speech, which I implore everyone to do, please click here.

I want to take a moment to apologise to her right now. Continue reading

I Heart FlavorGod Seasonings

Hello.  My name is Sharon and I am a FlavorGod addict.

Now that is out the way, I want to explain how wicked awesome these seasonings are!

A standard pack has 4 flavours…. Garlic Lovers, Everything, Spicy Everything and Lemon & Garlic.

I have just had to order Garlic Lovers again because I am nearly out.  I have put it in vegetable bakes, pasta sauces, eggplant lasagna, and even sprinkled it on the onions and peppers I was cooking to go into an omelette the other day and it was mind-blowingly good! Continue reading

Teaching Jessica Simpson

We have just bought on a new receptionist at work, who is utterly adorable.  At 24yrs old, my 11yr “advantage” on her makes me feel the following things, dependent on the day:

1.  Old, fat and frumpy – she quite literally looks like a young Jessica Simpson;

2.  Like a big sister – who encourages you to buy ridiculous clothes and have funky hair and nails; and

3.  Like a mother hen – when she was unwell the other week, I found myself channeling my inner Mummy and making sure she knew how to get better. Continue reading

Girls’ Night

Nope… defo not Ladies Night.  There were no free drinks!

For a nice and relaxed girls’ catch up and gossip night, we decided to try The Scene at Pier 7 in Dubai Marina.  Not the first choice of the night but the right choice!

The Scene is owned by/the brain child of some celeb chef called Simon Rimmer.  He is a UK based chef, and apparently very popular.  It’s things like this that make me realize quite how long I have been out of England.  Even when I googled him, he didn’t look familiar in the least.  But, my friend who suggested it is a fan and that’s what is important! Continue reading

You’re welcome, ladies!!

So, I decided that today should be about promoting people who I like! I have already told you all about the hugely talented photographer friend I have in my last post.  Now is the turn of someone who I very much admire for very different reasons….

Gary “Leo” Taylor.  Or, The Iron Cowboy. Continue reading