Ladies Night!

It’s time to try
Defying gravity
I think I’ll try
Defying gravity
And you can’t pull me down!

That’s the chorus of the song I had stuck in my head for DAYS before going to Zero Gravity at Sky Dive Dubai!  You would think that would get annoying, but it didn’t!   Haha!!

(I had to share that part because I know it will get stuck in other people’s heads and it will drive them nuts!)

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Kanpai, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai

I am not sure how many words I can find to tell you about this Japanese restaurant.  I don’t know how many words I have that would be befitting of such lovely sushi.  See, there already… “lovely” doesn’t begin to cover how good the sushi is.  One of the best in Dubai for sure.  The best?  Quite possibly, actually.  I must go and try everywhere else to be sure!

It was here I came after my horrific lunch experience on the Palm, and I am so thankful it was good as I couldn’t have taken any more bad food that day!

My friend and I had bought a voucher (Groupon or the such) for a sushi platter for two.  We had a similar deal a few weeks before, and it was good.  Memory gets in the way sometimes and you worry it won’t be as good as you remember.  And it wasn’t…  It was better if that was even possible!

Our main platter had on: ebi, tuna and salmon sashimi, and then two maki rolls.  I am sure there was some nigiri involved too, but I was so hungry I inhaled the lot!  In fact, so much so, that I ordered another mixed platter after!  It was just stunning.  There was a tempura, a spicy tuna, a California and a Philadelphia maki.

There is literally not one thing that I thought “meh” or “average” about.  Now, you may think that is only because I was so hungry.  But no, it’s exactly what I thought last time too!

So, 10/10 from this ex-Bermuda Expat sushi snob to you Kanpai.  We love you and we will be back!!

Beach House Cabana, Shorelines, The Palm

Wow.  Just wow. Quite literally the worst food I have ever had in Dubai.  And that really takes some doing.

Let me explain…

For AED130 you buy vouchers and get 4 drinks and 1 food item from a specialized menu.  At first glance, this menu looks great!  And then it arrives.  But, I am getting ahead of myself.  I just want to confirm that you can skip the food and use that voucher for a drink too.  5 drinks for AED130 is still a great deal.

So, I order my Savannah and high fived my friend for picking a great venue.  It was beautiful weather, you could see the ocean, and it wasn’t busy at all.

Then we wanted to order food.  I am always “problematic” as I have food sensitivities that I need to be careful of.  I am thankfully not coeliac, but have a wheat intolerance.  I am now an expert at reading down a menu and seeing what I can and can’t have, and which dishes need to be asked about.  That said, in this day and age when so many people have food issues, I shouldn’t be seen as “problematic” at all.

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We need a chat, America.

Right… The Voice… Ryan Sill…

Why do you keep leaving it to save him in a damn tweet-off?!  He is absolutely crushing everyone he is going against in that section (49% of the votes against two others is awesome!), so why can’t you just vote for him properly so the poor lovely doesn’t have to go through that each week?!

Also, can someone please tell Gwen to stop trying to mould him into what she likes, and listen to him?  I think he would be way more comfortable then.

And another ‘also’… can someone please get a dance coach for him?  If he had training every day, he would start to feel more comfortable in his own skin.  I am not saying he needs to learn a routine, but I think it will help him with movement on stage.

One more… Get him into something a bit more “swoon-worthy” than a jersey.  He is a good looking kid with a good shape to him.  Show it off (not to a rude level) and bring in the girl vote!  That smile is enough to melt hearts at a 1,000 paces, so use it his visual assets to enhance his appeal.

I mean, seriously!  Do I have to come and show Gwen how to manage this boy?  She should have paid more attention than investing everything into that Anita one who has thankfully gone.

Right, I think that’s about it.  Get voting properly this week, please!

Rant over.

(And yes… I know this will have all of 3 people reading it, one of which is my mother, but I feel better for getting it off my chest now!!)


NBC’s The Voice – Top 10

“And later, an emotional performance from Damien”.

Really?! Seriously?! Does no one read my very riveting blog?? Ok, so I know the answer is no, but still! Carson just ruined my happy with that one.

My coworker really enjoyed me not taking her through all 12 performances last week, and so this week I assume she would be equally grateful if I blogged rather than chewed her ear off!


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I am a genius…

She wrote with heavy sarcasm.

So this weekend was a really good deal on a new brunch, followed by a great drinks offer post brunch, followed by a form of 90’s revival concert.

This is how it went:

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