NBC’s The Voice – The Results!!!

NB: I am exhausted so this will be littered with spelling errors and typos!

I can’t believe it’s the last one tonight! What am I going to do?! I am going to have to actually start having a life again so that I have something to blog about!!

I have literally spent today avoiding social media and the news! I didn’t want anything to ruin this surprise!!!

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NBC’s The Voice – The Finals!


Yes, I know I used caps, because that’s how excited I am! I can’t even wait until tomorrow to watch everything together… I am watching it now!!!

Here we go!!!!

3 songs! A coach picked on, a duet with their coach (cannot wait for Craig/Blake!) and an original! Woop! Continue reading

NBC’s The Voice – Semi Finals

Blake Shelton opened the show and that on it’s own made me happy! He has such a beautiful voice. I could have done without the blonde chick that was singing with him. But it was still very good. I heart him.

Anyway, the other news is that one person eliminated from the final 12 gets to come back as a wild card. Not sure how I feel about that. My vote is obviously Ryan Sill.

Each of the final 5 get two songs tonight. That means sitting through Damien twice. Balls.

And here we go….

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Dubai: The Only City Couponing is Cool!

We are bargain hunters in Dubai.  I think it stems from the fact that it’s quite an expensive city to live in and so if we can make a little saving here and there, we will!  Where else are there gleeful emails saying “I have a voucher for there” flying in after a proposed girls night out?  Or, offer of vouchers when people have guests coming over.  Share and share a like!

Mostly we use The Entertainer.  Have you heard of it?  Its awesome!  It’s a whole book of buy one get one free vouchers for restaurants and bars.  Last year they gave away a free supplement with hotel nights too!  That was very exciting!

On top of those, Groupon and the like are HUGE over here.  I doubt there is another country in the world it works so well one.  You can get anything from false eyelashes to weekends in a different Emirate, Made on TV products to meals in your favourite restaurants.  (Or some like O’Cacti which I hope no one buys).

This weekend, our fabulous friend Cass organised a limo ride and a yacht cruise!  It was sooo much fun!!!

Firstly, I had no idea what to expect with the limo ride.  I have never been in one before.  Also, Dubai has so many different types, we quite literally didn’t know what would turn up.

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Dubai Rugby 7s

I am going to be controversial here… I do not like it.

I can hear all the gasps (of two of my three readers – Mum won’t be surprised) all the way from here.  It is wrong, right!  Sevens is an awesome event and everyone has bucket loads of fun… except me.

If you don’t drink beer or wine, you’re pretty screwed for a start.  I never have drunk beer and I am a wine snob.  I sneak my voddie in (benefit of being ‘plus size’ is that you wear baggy clothes!), and just top up my little Diet Sprite cans.  Genius plan.  But…. Continue reading

NBC’s The Voice – Top 8

It’s that time of the week… My catch up of The Voice!

And, I have just found out 3 people are going home! Eek!

So, here is my mindless ramblings!!

Ryan Sill

Stunning vocal. Just perfect. I don’t think people quite understand how high that was to hit perfectly in full voice, not in falsetto, for the whole song. That is crazy hard! Good job my lovely! Fingers crossed that America figured it out finally. (But seriously… A leather jumper?!)

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