It’s Back!!!!

You may have heard a collective cheer from the residents of Old Town last night when they discovered that their beloved ‘local’ is back up and running!

Nezesaussi, or Nezzas for those of use who cannot pronounce the real name, has been shut for 7 long months as the Al Manzil hotel was going through a refit.

We now have a shiny new and slightly gastro pub look to our favourite watering hole.  It is a good thing… I am sure of it… except I kind of miss the old one already!  It was so “not Dubai” that it was awesome, but I guess progress has to be made and it does look so nice and clean and uncluttered!

Thankfully the staff are as lovely and smiley as they always have been, and the Manager is still the same.  Hello Jonathan!

The best bit is that they are still doing food and oh my word is it good still! Continue reading



Oh my land, I just want to give this poor man a giant hug.

I also want to give him some advice.

Which I will do, after an explanation for all of you non-Dubai people!

#SaveNeil (which is how everyone is referring to you, btw)  is a guy who lives in Dubai, and who was dating a girl for 2.5yrs.  We don’t know her name so she is being referred to as Anonymous African Lady (yes… that is really what the online community is referring to her as).  “Anonymous” is annoying to type so I am going to abbreviate it to AAL. Continue reading