Cooking like Mama

Comfort food.

Your Mum does it better than anyone else on the planet. Have you noticed that? You can go to the beat chef types on the planet, but they still aren’t as good as your Mum.

That’s the case for me anyway. My Mum is an amazing cook. I literally don’t know how she does it. I have many of her recipes but they just never come out as good as hers.

Take cottage pie, for example. Simple, yes? Theory is there, but mine just fell very short of the Mother Mark.

That’s right… I cooked a pie the night before a 24hr food ban, knowing that the 48 hours after that I won’t feel much like eating either. Total waste of time and effort! But, cooking calms and centres me. Is anyone else like that?

Anyway, I of course tried it and much as it looked the part, it just didn’t taste it. It was nice and had the right idea, but it wasn’t a winner.

How do they do it? What is it that a Mum does that we can’t? Is it a shot you get when you have a child that means everything is going to be so much better than before?

I want to know the secret!

I also want to go back and live with my Mummy for the next few days and be taken care of! Damn expat life!!


Healthy & Delicious Take Out

That’s right… it can happen!

How? Kcal, that’s how!

Today is a hungry day for me.  Probably because my brain knows that for pretty much the next 3 days, I won’t be able to eat.  Naturally, as my last proper meal, I wanted something that was healthy, fresh and balanced.  And a little treat on the side, of course!  There is only one place that I know you can do that, and it’s Kcal.  It’s awesome!

Kcal is a genius brand for so many reasons… Continue reading


This Friday, the US Supreme court announced that same sex marriage is legal in all States in America.  Those who currently have bans in place, will have them lifted.  There was only 14 states that it was illegal but that is 14 too many in my mind.

Why, as someone who is straight and English, does this mean so much to me?  I mean, does it change my ability to marry? No.  Does the Supreme Court have any jurisdiction over my life? Nope.

It’s simple.  Love won.

I love the idea of love.

Love isn’t about a penis or a vagina, and your preference to either.  It’s about looking into someones eyes, right down to their soul, and loving every fiber of their being. Continue reading

I missed you, GBK!

As some of you know, I have been a little under the weather recently.  I won’t bore you all with the details, but it has meant that I have had to go on a very strict “plain food” diet so I can get better.  Anyone who looks at me will know that I love to eat, so imagine how hard it’s been.

Saturday, I cracked.  I absolutely HAD to have a burger.  Not a nice healthy one like I make myself.  Oh no.  But a proper burger with seasoning and fries and a bunch of random toppings.  So I did!

GBK’s burgers are seriously good at the best of times, but this one was completely and utterly divine!  I know its because it’s been so long since I have eaten anything remotely “naughty”, but I think it would have been amazing at any time!

For those of you who like a burger with just cheese and ketchup, look away now!

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Christmadan Party

Nope… not a spelling error!  We had a lovely Christmadan Party this weekend!

What is it?  Easy!  It’s a Christmas Party held in Ramadan.  It’s not as disrespectful as it sounds!

Expats often hold Christmas parties half way through the year.  I don’t know why.  It just happens!  Anyway, this year it happened to fall during Ramadan.  Expats often host gatherings in their homes in Ramadan.  Also, expats also host parties during the super hot summer months.  Add all this together, and you get Christmadan!

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Bit of an epic rant……

So, here’s the thing…  I have a nut allergy.  It doesn’t appear to be as severe as it once was, but I am not going to test that theory out by ingesting any!  I may however go back and get further testing as it’s well over 7yrs since I last had it done and it could have changed since then.  After all, our bodies work in 7yr cycles.

But I digress…

I am trying to get into this whole clean eating lifestyle, and follow a low carb, moderate meat and fat diet.  You’d think the whole paleo movement would really help with that, but no.  Sooooo many of their recipes contain nuts.  I can deal with that.  Nuts are good for people without allergies, and also, cavemen are known to have snacked on them when they couldn’t eat meat!  Ok, maybe that’s not a fact but it sounds logical to me!

What bugs the life out of me is reading a nice recipe and seeing it’s classed as “nut free”, then reading through the ingredients and seeing that half way through that you need to add coconut flour!  It’s infuriating! Continue reading