Moo Moo, Cowboy

Well, I guess it should actually be “Boo Boo, Cowboy”.

It’s with quite a sad heart I write this post.  One of my favourite places in Dubai has changed.  I’ve thought long and hard as to whether to post this or not, but I have decided I will (obviously) because this is my little mental bolt hole and I can write what I like!  I just don’t want to offend anyone, so, sorry in advance.

I went back this weekend to Perry & Blackwelders in Madinat.  I had been looking forward to it all week.  Amazing food.  A good mix of old and new country.  Alcohol.  Oh, and there’s a lovely new manager there who I know from his time at his last job.  Hoorah!

The food was AMAZING.  It doesn’t get any Continue reading


Greek Quinoa

Have you tried Quinoa yet?  If not, you really should!

Quinoa is a gluten free “ancient grain”.  It is a really good source of protein, fiber and iron.  It has a bunch of essential amino acids, which are great for weight loss.  It’s also super trendy at the moment for some reason.

I am not jumping on the band wagon though.  I’ve been eating it for years… but only when people have been making it for me.  I am dreadful at cooking rice and pasta (I don’t know why either), so I just knew I would screw this up if I tried too!

This week I got brave though and cooked it myself!  See… Continue reading

Strange Omelette

Have you ever read Whoopi Goldberg’s book, “Book“?   It’s an autobiography, but written in the funniest way possible.  It’s in my top 3 books of all time, which for those of you who know me, is an indication of how good it is!  I have read far too many books, if there is such a thing?  Anyway… there is an entire chapter devoted to eggs.  Eggs are apparently just potential chickens.  Whoopi can’t eat a potential chicken.  She hates eggs.

I am not Whoopi and I love eggs!  Well, mostly.  I hate egg white.  I don’t mind it when it’s mixed with the yolk, but on it’s own it just makes me shudder.

But I do love me a good omelette!

Hotel breakfasts wouldn’t be complete without an omelette.  They are the only ones who can ever make them taste that way.  It’s because they don’t use fresh eggs, but that nasty crap that comes out of a milk carton looking jobbie.  It’s so wrong but so good! Continue reading

Veuve Brunch!!!!

That’s right peeps!  There is a brunch that has Veuve Clicquot!!!!!!


I kind of don’t want to write this because then you’ll all know about it and it will get super popular.  If that happens, I won’t be able to get a table as often as I would like to!  I have a feeling I may become a regular!

Ballaro at the Conrad is officially my new favourite!!

It’s thankfully not a party brunch (although the live band and the DJ are very good), and it’s not a “family” brunch.  It’s just a nice brunch!  There is a range of people attending from large groups celebrating birthdays, to families, to couples and to smaller groups of friends who are just having a good gossip!   Continue reading

Storming of Calais

There has been another topic in the news recently that has caused me further “humane” style thoughts, which is probably cause for concern as I am not generally the nicest and kindest person you can talk to.  My secret fear is that I am turning into one of those types that will vote for the Green Party, or worse, Lib Dems!

Anyway, for the last few days/week, thousands of immigrants have been trying to get through the security at Calais and get across to England.

Here are a couple of thoughts to the French: Continue reading