Sooooo Messed Up

Sorry… this is totally not a “holiday diary” post, but a “rant and rave” post.  I am mad and need to get the words out my head asap!

I’ve been reading the Daily Fail Mail today and there have been a few stories that have made me cross.

Firstly, a man has been cleared of rape at Southwark Crown Court.  He told the judge he may have accidentally penetrated the victim when he tripped and fell.


The judge needs to be Continue reading


Cafe Franschhoek (Name gives away the location!)

We arrived in Cape Town a lot more awake and alert than we had expected, which is a very good thing as Tannie bought us home to drop our cases and then straight out the front door again!

We headed along the beautiful drive to Franschhooek.  Just for a little background, it’s one of the oldest towns in South Africa and was settled by the French in the late 1600’s.

We parked up and took a stroll along the main street which is called Huguenot Road – named after the Huguenot’s who were the French settlers.  We were ambling along, mostly looking at the stunning old Cape Dutch style buildings which still line either side of the road but also in order to find somewhere for breakfast, when we stumbled across Cafe Franschhoek.

What a dear little place!

Located opposite a beautiful example of the architecture of the area (no idea what it was except pretty!), this little cafe was a not only a great ‘people watching’ spot but also had a beautiful menu which didn’t disappoint when or orders arrived.

I had the cheese and tomato omelette, and Albert and Tannie had the Eggs Benedict with ham.  All I can say is, YUM.

And, they had this amazing locally produced lavender salt and pepper.  Flavour explosions in your mouth!

I think all that is left to do is to post more pictures!!!!

Cape Town Trip!!

As you may know, or have worked out already, my best friend and I decided to nip down to Cape Town for a few days.  It was so much fun.

I just wanted to share a couple of photos taken from the plane on the way there.  I managed to sleep for the first hour or so, thankfully (damn 6.30am flights) but when I woke it was just in time to get to the interesting mountains and clouds.

Shout out for a moment to the very lovely and well mannered teenage boy who switched seats with the Crazy English Tannie so she could take the following pictures to share with you!!

We flew with Mango who are a budget airline.  The cost was approx R1,500 for a return.  We took the first flights of the day both ways and even at that time, the staff were friendly and nice.  Also, the plane was clean.  The captain did a marvelous job of landing in thick clouds, and when he kangaroo’d it a little on landing, apologised profusely.  It wasn’t a problem at all, but I thought it was very a very nice and polite thing to do.  Top marks Captain Kangaroo!!!

Here are a couple of favourite photos:


Olive & Twist, Roodepoort, Johannesburg

It was a beautiful day in Jo’burg, and we decided that lunch outside was the order of the day.  Not only that, but we didn’t want to be in a mall or on the edge of a car park.  We wanted fresh air and greenery.

That’s when my friend came up with Olive & Twist.

Situated in a random little area, it really doesn’t look all that from the outside.  Its a bit overgrown and worn looking.

As you walk onto the stoop and wait to be greeted by the very friendly staff, you forget that you’re in Jo’burg and start to unwind.  You stand overlooking Continue reading

Brewers Family, Sinoville, Pretoria

I love to be in the kitchen.  I love to cook and prep, and everything that’s not doing the washing up!  One thing I cannot deal with however, is making salads.  I don’t know why.  But I don’t.  Consequently I don’t eat them very often.

This is South Africa though.  Not only is the beef always amazing, but the salads are inventive and delicious!

We went off to Pretoria to visit with Mom, and of course, food had to be involved!

She drove us not far away to this random little strip mall, which had a Brewers Family restaurant.  It looked a bit dubious, but Continue reading

Thunder Gun, Blackheath, Johannesburg

My first night in Jo’burg, we were meant to braai, but it was a tad windy (like, 37kmph gusts!), and threatening to rain.  We did need feeding though, and I wanted steak because it’s South Africa after all!

We tried a couple of places that we had been to before but they were fully booked.  Also, much as it’s great to have favourites, there are a lot of places that I haven’t been to here yet!  I need to try them all.

One of my friends, Jono, suggested Thunder Gun, and I was a little dubious.  I am turning into a Dubai Princess and like nice restaurants.  Thunder Gun didn’t sound like that.  Also they told me it was up past the Cresta shopping mall.  I had been there once and been stuck on my own in a blackout with no idea where I was.  I do not have fond memories.  It also reminded me name wise of Continue reading

The Baron on Witkoppen

As you may or may not know, I am on holiday in South Africa at the moment.  I am blessed to visit every  year as my best friend is based in Johannesburg.  It’s a visit I look forward to not only to see my darling ‘Albert’, but also for the food and scenery.  Because I have visited so often, and because I have been an expat for nearly 10 years, I have a bunch of very good friends here too.  I’ve either met them through Albert, or they are friends I have met in Bermuda/Dubai, who have repatriated themselves.

I was feeling a little impatient to see them this year, so I decided we needed a good and fun Sunday lunch.  That’s when I remembered The Baron Fourways.  I’ve been every year for the last 4 because the food is so good and it’s fairly close to Albert’s house.

Last year however, we stumbled in on a Sunday afternoon and had such fun!  There was a singer dude down there (whose name I cannot remember) who could not only sing, but Continue reading