Netflix’s Making A Murderer

There is going to be a bunch of spoilers in this, so if you’ve not watched it and you don’t want to know what’s going on before you do, stop reading now!!

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I think I am getting a bit obsessed with clouds.  I’ve always liked the, but living in Dubai has made me go a bit overboard with taking pics of them!  When you don’t see them often, they take on a new beautiful quality that you’ve not noticed before.

As such, here is a an entire post dedicated to the clouds I have seen on this vacation in South Africa!!

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New Year, New Start… again!

NB: This is a rambley post, mostly so I remember what I have done!!

After an excessive amount of food and alcohol over November and December, I have decided to bite the bullet and join Slimming World Online, again.

Why was it 2 months of over-indulgence and not just the regular 1 month?!  Well, there was a work Christmas party, London trip, birthdays, South Africa, more birthdays, Christmas functions, Christmas and New Year, and then that couple of days before you go back to work where you need to eat all the bad food in the house so there is nothing left to tempt yourself with!!

The culmination of the above is that I gained 7kg, or just over 15lbs.  Not really ideal!  Add that on top of the rest I still have to lose and you get a bit of a snug waistband in the work clothes.  Oops.

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Oops… again!

So, I appear to have fallen a little lot behind with my blog again.  I blame the festive season.  It was all go!  But on the plus side, not only do I have all the lovely Joburg and Cape Town stuff to catch up with, but a host of Dubai experiences too!  This should keep me out of mischief for a little while.

Because I am behind, there is going to be no time line to these posts.  Just whatever I feel like writing about next, is going to be whatever is posted!!

Happy New Year, y’all!!