Cafe Habana Brunch

As I said in my last post (here), I am a foodie.  As such, my inner (and outer) foodie cried with disappointment about this brunch.  Ok, not literally, but I walked out before dessert which is the same thing.

I had spotted an offer on Groupon for Cafe Habana‘s brunch.  It’s one of those places I have been meaning to try forever but never get around to.  At AED 149 for brunch with booze, I figured it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

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Ladies Night – Tesoro, Taj Hotel

Social media is absolutely huge in Dubai.  There is no where that doesn’t have a Twitter or Instagram page, and most have a unique hashtag too.  It’s a great way of seeing what’s on, or even if the dishes from specific restaurants look worth giving a go!  We also have bloggers who selflessly go around trying out all the new places.  Funnily enough I follow a few of them, and every now and again there is an absolute gem thrown in…

Thanks to the great post from “liloneoftheashes” (here), I rounded up a couple of the girls and tried out “Naughty but Nice” at Tesoro, Taj Hotel.  Thank you again for pointing this one out to us!!

Firstly, anyone who gives me a free cupcake as I walk into the reception, is a winner.  Double winner when it was absolutely delicious!

Lots of cupcakes to share!

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Hatta Fort Hotel, United Arab Emirates

The Boy had planned a lovely day out for us on New Year’s Day, which was very sweet but also slightly worrying.  I generally have a hangover on NYD and can’t leave the couch.

Thankfully, and in part no doubt to the party being incredibly tame due to the circumstances, I woke up fresh as a daisy!

(Side note – Where on earth does that expression come from!?)

We skipped breakfast and jumped in the car, and headed out for Hatta.  I hadn’t been in years, so was super excited to see the mountains again.  I also was curious how they would stand up against the stunning mountainous landscape of the Cape Province. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve

It’s highly unlikely any of you missed this, but on New Year’s Eve there was a massive fire in Dubai.  It was at The Address Downtown.

I had been invited to a house party at my very good friend’s beautiful apartment which happens to be a block away from The Address.  We were all sat on the balcony chatting away, when we saw what we thought to be smoke across our view of the Burj.  We laughed it off because so many times people have reported fire at the Burj Khalifa, when it’s just been a cloud.  But then there was a very bright orange flame shoot out of the hotel.

We stopped laughing.  We stood in silence.  We watched.  We prayed.

It was horrific to see.

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Christmas, Dubai Stylie!

Belated seasons greetings to you all!  I hope you had a fabulous day and that Santa overlooked your transgressions and was good to you!

This was my first Dubai Christmas.  I have been living over here for nearly 5yrs, but have managed to arrange my vacation to get away over the Christmas (I like saying Christmas so will do so a lot!), and New Year period.  I spent my first in Qatar, my second and fourth in South Africa, and my third in London. So, when doing Christmas Dubai Stylie, then a brunch must be included!

Because it had been a manic few weeks in the run up to Christmas, we had left it until the last minute (literally, days before) in order to book.  Not ideal really!  I had a top 5 list of places in my mind that I would have liked to go to, but only thankfully got to number three before I could book!

I firstly had called Al Qsar trying to book, and not only were they fully booked but they had over 800 people on their wait list.  I couldn’t believe it!  I knew it was popular but had no idea how much so!

I was wait listed for my second choice too.  In fairness, they were really rude so I was pleased when I rang back to cancel that!

Then I called Fazaris at The Address Downtown.   Continue reading

Love in a Box!

On top of a wonderful (if rather alcohol saturated) day with my best friend, (explanation here) the lovely Ian came to join us and bought me a gift from The Counter, of which he is the co-owner!

Amongst (is that a real word or did I just make it up?) a whole host of amazing sounding things they do (including getting the ‘Royal Nod’ from Prince Harry at a function they were catering!!) they create Love Boxes… a box  filled with sweet treats!  I may have sampled a few bits while I was there, and he tailored a box just for me!

Surprisingly arty shot from me at this point!

Love in a Box

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Col’Cacchio, Monte Casino, Johannesburg

For those of you that haven’t worked it out yet, I am a bit of a creature of habit.  If I like stuff, I go back.  Repeatedly.

Col’Cacchio is one of my return places.  Next year however it’s going to be at the beginning of the trip, and not the day I am flying home!

My best friend in the whole wide world!

Having skipped breakfast, we headed down to Monte’s for my favourite pizza and salad combo.  It’s quite simple… Continue reading