Clinton Street Bakery

I have not been going out as much recently because, well, I’ve gotten fat again!  Instead I have joined Slimming World and I am (half heatedly, tbh) attempting to shift those ‘few’ pounds back off.  It doesn’t mean I’ve not been out… just that I have been experimenting more in my kitchen again!

A good restaurant type one to talk about is this one though… mostly because every time I think about it, I drool!

We needed a proper breakfast before heading to Comicon (yep… I went, and nope, I didn’t have a clue what was going on 90% of the time!), but Continue reading


The Roast Diaries – Week 3

I honestly did not set out to make this a weekly thing!!

We had a nice (home-made) breakfast wrap before starting our pottering around this week, and it did get us further into the day than normal!  However, when hunger hit, it hit HARD!

As we were in Dubai Mall, the logical place for dinner that wasn’t a food court or mobbed with tourists 2 foot in front of you, was Souk Al Bahar, where Rivington Grill is situated.  Rivi (as some call it – not me but I’m bored of typing today!) also has a roast dinner.  What a coincidence!  Ok, that’s a lie!  I made a bee-line for the nearest place with roast dinners again!

We were given a lovely loaf of bread as soon as Continue reading

The Roast Diaries – Week 2

Unintentionally, I found myself having another roast dinner this week.  That’s not even a lie in this weeks’ instance! (I’m sure it will be at some point!!)

We had been out pottering around all day, as we tend to at the weekends, looking for a specific shop on Beach Road.  We literally went from the docks up and down, and didn’t find what we were looking for.  (I did however see “Tony Stark House” which is as amazing as it is ghastly!)

As we were approaching the mid section of Beach Road (again) The Boy mentioned that he was getting hungry.  My brain automatically went to wondering where the closest roast dinner was, or how I would Continue reading

The Roast Diaries – Week 1

The Boy and myself have decided that we need more roast dinners in our lives…

Ok, so that’s a lie.  I have decided that I need more roast dinner in my life, and he just has to deal with it!!

The realisation came when I bought all the bits to do a nice roast beef.  I prefer roasted veggies, and of course there had to be Yorkshire puddings.  Then I realised that the only thing I can fit in my stupid new apartment’s oven is the roasting pan.  While I can fit in a few veggies around the meat, I can’t do many.

I had a bit of a tantrum and vowed Continue reading

Celebrity Injunction

There is a bit of a scandal going on in the English and Welsh media at the moment because they are unable to name the husband of an aging singer super celeb as one half of a married couple in an open relationship, who had a threesome with another couple.

Firstly, no one really cares who sleeps with who.  Well, no one with an ounce of intelligence.  People like to gossip for sure, but when it comes down to it, it’s a real non-issue.

Secondly, I don’t understand  Continue reading