The Irish Village

I’ve lived in Dubai over 5 years now, and have only been to The Irish Village twice – once for a tree lighting ceremony with carols in an attempt to feel christmassy, and the other time was because they had a seriously huge drinks deal going on for their birthday.  I have never eaten there though.

A couple of weeks ago (because I’m a lazy blogger who doesn’t post immediately!) the OH and I spent the morning running all over the place trying to get our errands done.  The theory was that the faster we do them, the faster we would be able to sit in a heap on the couch and relax.  We didn’t factor in that we both get sidetracked and distracted really easily!

By 2pm, having not eaten any breakfast, I thought I was going to pass out and needed feeding asap.  I’m not a McDonalds or a KFC kind of a girl (it’s too greasy) so we ended up at The Irish Village.  I will admit the fact that I knew they did roast dinners every day may have been the reason I so quickly agreed to the suggestion!

(They do pork roasts too, people.  You know this hapoening sooner rather than later!)

For some strange reason we opted to sit outside, so by the time it came to chosing what to eat, I didn’t want something as heavy as a roast dinner.  There are so many delicious sounding choices on the menu though it was hard to pick!  It’s all very traditional English pub food.  Or British.  Or, Irish I guess!  I’ve not been to a pub in Ireland, so can’t confirm that one!

In the end, after much deliberating and mind changing, I opted for the steak and onion baguette.

Bingo!  I win!

Sorry about the poor quality food photo.  I just was so hungry that I didn’t care!!!

It was awesome!  I would say it was a sub, not a baguette but that in now way made me sad.  I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed something so relatively simple, so much!  The steak (not tiny thin slices of some form of meat, which I have had in some other orders) was cooked to the medium/well level I asked for. The onions were just that perfect level of just starting to caramelize on the edges, but still with a little crunch on the inside.  There was a red pepper mayo spread in there too, which was divine.  I have a weakness for red pepper mayo!

It came with a side of fries, and I also ordered a side of coleslaw.  The chips were crispy and fluffy, and those nice chunky but flat ones that you could add to the sandwich easily too!  I know it’s wrong, but it’s just so good!!  It turns out that it also came with a small side of coleslaw.  However, it is different to the extra side of coleslaw that I ordered, and far inferior.  I will stick with the extra order next time too!

The OH had fish and chips, which judging by the speed at which they vanished, were excellent too!

With a couple of diet sodas to wash our feast down with, the bill still only came to less than AED 200!  Absolute bargain!

The only thing I would say to anyone who hadn’t been before and who wanted to visit and have food, is don’t sit too close to the trees if you can avoid it.  There are a number of cats ambling around.  Whilst they are very cute, they can make their bathroom just the other side of the rock from you, so you get a waft of whatever is going on!!!!


The Roast Diaries – Week 4

A few weeks ago, my lovely friend J invited me along to a girls lunch at Gaucho.  I’m pretty much always up for any kind of lunch or dinner, but this is one that really excited me… Not only do I not see enough of J (I still have both her Christmas and birthday gifts on my dining room table!), but it was for the roast dinner at Gaucho!

As you may have noticed by now, I do love my roast dinners and Gaucho’s one has been praised to the roof tops and back again.  I was so ready to have a glass of wine, a gossip and a good feed!!!

Sadly I was fighting off a Continue reading

ABC’s Nashville

I have too many words for Twitter!  I am absolutely devastated.  Ok, slight over exaggeration, but I am deeply upset!

The a-holes at ABC have cancelled Nashville at the end of this season.


Yes, it was bad.  Yes, it was corny.  Yes, they have somewhat lost the original spirit of the show.  But it was still good!  It was pure trash TV!  It had pretty people (mostly – I won’t miss Glen’s hair) and they had good music (if you like Country and almost Country) and story lines which you want to follow no matter how ludicrous.

Will Raynor and Deacan Continue reading

The C-Bomb

Today’s thought jumble is caused by Katie Price (also known as ‘Jordan’) parading her son on TV and his (accurate) description of bullies.

For those of you who haven’t been subjected to years of this woman in magazines  and newspapers, and also TV, Katie Price started as a ‘glamour model’ (her modeling name was Jordan) and has morphed into a very successful business woman.  She has done exceptionally well for herself. At 23, she had a son by a bit of an a-hole called Dwight Yorke.  He was a big name in football at the time.  I don’t know if he still is.  My dislike of football is as big as my dislike of peas.  Harvey was born blind.  He has also been diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome, Autism and ADHD. Continue reading


CATHARINA DE BLIQUY has just released a new collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may know from my blog post “Catharina de Bliquy – Artist, Cape Town“, I am a very big fan of her work.  Her talent is just unparalleled because she puts every ounce of her beautiful heart into her work – be it sketches or her paintings.

This new release is mostly made of her sketches which is very exiting to me as they are my favourites.  I love her colour work, the intricate details alongside the shadow and light she creates with a pencil is where her magic lies – for me personally anyway!

That being said, I think it has excited a lot of people as 50% of the pieces sold in the first 24hrs which is amazing.  Thankfully I found about it in the first Continue reading