Ting was indeed, Irie!

In July 2015, I was ambling my way home from the mall when I noticed a massive sign going up, announcing that a restaurant called Ting Irie would be opening soon.  Well, they may have been on island time, but they got there in the end and as soon as my stomach would allow, I headed in to gorge myself on jerk chicken!

Only I didn’t.  Even better, I had their iftar so I could sample a little bit of pretty much their whole menu!  Genius.  Until that moment that I announce my allergy to coconut and discover that I can’t have the goat curry.  That was not a happy moment for me.

But, as you can see, there was Continue reading


Post Brexit Bullshit

Remember when there was a social media campaign with the hashtag #walkwithme (or something similar) after Muslims were being targeted after some or other terrorist atrocity that had nothing to do with them?  Well, I think we need to bring that back.

#walkwithme if you feel you’re being watched.

#walkwithme if you feel threatened or vulnerable.

#walkwithme if you think you are in danger.

#walkwithme if you are just afraid to be on your own.

Like every civilised person, I am very anti Continue reading