Ting Irie – Update

As you know, I went to Ting Irie for Iftar in June, and was quite impressed.


Now I am even more impressed!!!

I went back with a friend who also happens to be an ex-Bermuda expat.  She had seen it was finally open and also needed to get her fix of jerk spices.

Firstly, we were greeted by a lovely cheery lady called Monique.  She instantly makes you feel welcome and then on top of that, remembers your names so when you are leaving, she can say goodbye personally.  How does she manage that!?  I can’t remember names for more than 5 minutes!! Continue reading


The Perfect Proposal?

I spent yesterday (aherm, last week) binge watching trash tv. It’s my guilty pleasure. I don’t watch things that make me think, or things that make me smart. I watch pure rubbish. And I am very happy with that.

However, yesterday everyone seemed to be getting engaged.

(Skip this if you don’t want spoilers… Although in fairness, I am catching up on older tv shows (or rewatching things I’ve seen a hundred times!) so you probably already know these characters go through this!)

Picture of the pretty sparkly to break the page for the spoilers!!

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