Setting Goals

Do you have goals?  Not just for weight loss, but for other areas of your life?


I don’t.  I am not a planner.  I know that you will find that hard to believe when I am so OCD about planning shopping lists or vacation packing lists, or touristing lists, but I just have missed that gene that makes you want a 5yr plan.

I got all excited this week because finally, 4yrs after purchase, I got around to filling in my address book.  I don’t even plan properly to have peoples addresses in one place so I can send out cards or whatnot.

It’s actually one of my personality traits Continue reading


This explains a lot….

Yep, that’s right.  I quit smoking.  Not only that, but The Boy did too!

I do have to give him the most credit though.  He actively decided that enough was enough.  He was 40 and wanted to live to see his grandchildren.  So on New Year’s Eve he smoked his last cigarette and he hasn’t had another since.

Happy One Month Anniversary, my love!!  I’m so proud of you!!

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Breakfast Burrito

After a weekend of binge eating (and the shock of getting weighed this morning) it is time for me to be good again, otherwise I will just continue to get fatter and fatter – and fatter again.

I knew it would be a bad gain.  I also knew that I would feel like shit about it and want to do well on my diet for a while.  With these facts rattling around in my head, I got home from work last night and set to a cooking frenzy.

If I don’t meal prep in advance, I will not get very far.  I make terrible choices when given the opportunity.  Additionally I am, quite frankly, far too lazy to be cooking good and healthy things on a daily basis.  It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

The other thing I know about me is that after a binge like I’ve just been through, I need more than fruit and yogurt for breakfast.  I need something tasty, hot and something that feels a bit naughty! Continue reading

Deliveroo vs UberEats

I have done extensive research on this topic over the last few days. My findings are as such:

1. Both have a much pared down menu selection for some places. If you call the restaurant directly then you get the full menu and no delivery charge.

2. They have similar restaurant selections, but both have a couple of different additional ones too. 

3. UberEats sends you Continue reading


So after my last post which was full of good intentions, I feel that I should confess to my breakfast.

Sorry about that. I do have some nice positive recipe posts all set up and ready to go. I just wanted to be honest. 

Thank you to the Clinton Street Baking Company for once again feeding my sugar addiction!! 

Announcement: Change of Service

This blog started as a way to keep people up to date with my travels as I left Bermuda and eventually moved to Dubai.  Then it was to show people around Dubai as I adventured.  Then it mostly just turned into restaurant reviews because eating my way around is how I discover new places!

Well, we are about to go on another adventure: dieting.

All that eating around has made me a bit rounder than I would like.  Ok, a lot rounder.   Continue reading

Miss Lily’s Dubai

Everyone, and I mean literally everyone I know has been talking about Miss Lily’s recently, and I smugly am able to tell them how much fun it is because I went at the beginning of November!  (Yep… This post has been in draft for quite a while!!!)

For those of you who don’t know my history, I’m an island girl at heart.  I lived in Bermuda for 5yrs and got quite a taste for jerk chicken as there was a few Jamaican restaurants/cafes to chose from.

When Ting Irie opened I was all all excited until a) I discovered Continue reading