Vegetable Egg Bake

When The Boy and I first started dating, I decided that I would make a roasted vegetable egg bake.  We had Roast Beef for dinner the night before and there was a bunch of veggies left over.  This is one of my favourite things to do with leftover roasted veggies.  It turns out it was the only dish I have ever cooked that The Boy couldn’t finish!

Although it’s become a long standing joke, I would always have hesitated to cook him one again, until my kitchen experiment that lead to this beauty… Continue reading


Lesson Sadly Learnt

If you see a new restaurant or a cafe that looks amaze, and you really want to try it, do. As soon as possible. Don’t wait a few years to get around to it. Because when you do it might completely suck and then you’ve wasted a few years waiting for the right time to treat yourself.

Yes, this really can happen. Today proved that completely.

I have been walking past Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar for the last few years.  Self preservation has always kept me as far away from it as possible.  I mean, a whole cafe dedicated to chocolate?!  Amaze and sooooo dangerous. Continue reading

Dinner Win!!

I totally had an amazing win for dinner last night!  It was so good that The Boy declared it one of my best kitchen experiments, ever!

After coping a mouthful of abuse from a dickhead on Facebook, I was a bit disheartened in my Slimming World cooking efforts.  I felt that I should be making ‘no syn’ food more often, especially in Free Food Feb. There is a hashtag for it and everything, so I really felt like a failure that literally none of my food is ever syn free.

Then I got mad!  I am so much better when I am mad!  I refrained from my initial abusive response, because as my BFF Albert always says Continue reading

Ripe Market, Al Barsha Pond Park

I am a food fan, in case you’ve not guessed.  I love pretty much all foods – except anything with those pesky nuts in!  When a friend of mine offered me a trip out to the local organic farmers market, I jumped at the chance!

I was slightly more prepared this time however.  I had been to the one at Zabeel Park a couple of years back so knew it wasn’t going to be an amazing Farmers Market situation going on.  Always good to know that in advance so I didn’t feel the crushing disappointment again!

The Ripe Markets have grown since then and now have two locations in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi.  I was thankful we were trying out the Al Barsha Pond Park market because I knew what a nightmare parking was at Zabeel Park.   Continue reading

Avoca-do or don’t?



According to Slimming World rules, avocados have syns.  10 syns per 100g to be precise.  It seems like a lot.

The avocado pear is one of the most nutrient packed fruits around.  It has vitamins B, C, E and K for a start.  It also has a bunch of other things that I can’t remember and probably couldn’t pronounce anyway.   Continue reading

Quick! Feed Me!

Do you ever have days where you think that you will pass out if you don’t eat quickly enough?  Or, where you’ve had such of a bitch of a day at work that you just want to eat and then collapse into bed and binge-watch something suitably trashy on Netflix?!

If you don’t, you’re not human.  Just thought I would confirm that for you.

If you are part of the human race, then here is a really quick and simple dish to throw together.  Also, it’s syn free which is way better than stopping at the drive thru on your way home! Continue reading

Over Night Oat Pancakes – Version 2

Following my previous post about pancakes (here) which I wrote ages ago and forgot all about, I thought I would update you on my new discovery straight away…

I couldn’t find where I had written down the ingredients and measurements to make pancakes the same way as before, and was not having my brightest day so forgot about the post in draft too.  I figured I had a pretty good memory so would make them from scratch without any prompts.

I didn’t get it quite right.  Instead, I made it even better!!

Here is my new recipe which is much cleaner tasting: Continue reading