Dubai Garden Glow (The Parks, Part 1)

In order to get over the crazy amount of “doing” that we did on the Big Bus Tour, Mum and I ended up having a lovely quiet day of treats the following day.  We had a lovely breakfast at Cafe Barbera, dresses made at Deepa’s in Satwa, we had our nails done at N.Bar, we had lunch at Noodle House (PF Changs was full sadly!) and then we went to the cinema to watch a brilliant film called Molly’s Game at Reel Cinema’s Platinum Suites in Dubai Mall.

That turned out to be fairly tiring too, so the next day we really took it easy.  We had a pool day, read our books, and then had nice pizza’s for supper.  But that felt a bit boring so we decided another adventure was in order!

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A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.2

As you may have read in “A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.1“, I had an absolutely splendid day by the East Wing pool and then brunch at Giardino.  It was so good that I had a serious need to try out their other pool and lunch experience!

Thanks to the Entertainer’s fabulous 241 offers and The Boy’s willingness to try anything at any time, even on a moment’s notice, we headed back to the Palazzo Versace at 9am on Saturday morning.  The offer this time was pool time in the West Wing, followed by a buffet lunch at Amalfi restaurant.

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A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.1

I’m an Aunty again!  My wonderful sister had her third child on Wednesday and he is utterly divine!  Naturally this had to be celebrated, and so we celebrated in expat style… with a brunch!

There are so many on offer at the moment that it was a tough choice, but after reading Lil One Of The Ashes review on Giardino it became a lot easier.  A brunch with pool access is combining two of my favourite things… even more so when The Entertainer’s monthly offers has a 241 voucher!

6am Friday morning I was up and fretting though.  What do you wear to the Palazzo Versace when you’re not even a plus size model shape?  (Plus size?  They are a UK12.  That’s called human.  Grr!)

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“Souq al Bahar 4 Fish”

I woke at 5am in a real huff.  I have no clue why.  Perhaps I had been having an enraging dream or something?  It’s highly possible as I am a compulsive dreamer.  Whatever the reason was though, there was no going back to sleep.  I went through Facebook, and Instagram, and caught up on my blog reading.  I even went on Twitter but that really is my least favourite social media app currently.  By 6am I had finished with those and even playing Boggle and Words with Friends against the app.

Don’t you hate it when your day starts like that!?

It did however rapidly get better as I ended up convincing The Boy that it would be a great time to get up and dressed, and head to the fish market that one of my friends had discovered the other day! Continue reading

The Irish Village

I’ve lived in Dubai over 5 years now, and have only been to The Irish Village twice – once for a tree lighting ceremony with carols in an attempt to feel christmassy, and the other time was because they had a seriously huge drinks deal going on for their birthday.  I have never eaten there though.

A couple of weeks ago (because I’m a lazy blogger who doesn’t post immediately!) the OH and I spent the morning running all over the place trying to get our errands done.  The theory was that the faster we do them, the faster we would be able to sit in a heap on the couch and relax.  We didn’t factor in that we both get sidetracked and distracted really easily!

By 2pm, having not eaten any breakfast, I thought I was going to pass out and needed feeding asap.  I’m not a McDonalds or a KFC kind of a girl (it’s too greasy) so we ended up at The Irish Village.  I will admit the fact that I knew they did roast dinners every day may have been the reason I so quickly agreed to the suggestion!

(They do pork roasts too, people.  You know this hapoening sooner rather than later!)

For some strange reason we opted to sit outside, so by the time it came to chosing what to eat, I didn’t want something as heavy as a roast dinner.  There are so many delicious sounding choices on the menu though it was hard to pick!  It’s all very traditional English pub food.  Or British.  Or, Irish I guess!  I’ve not been to a pub in Ireland, so can’t confirm that one!

In the end, after much deliberating and mind changing, I opted for the steak and onion baguette.

Bingo!  I win!

Sorry about the poor quality food photo.  I just was so hungry that I didn’t care!!!

It was awesome!  I would say it was a sub, not a baguette but that in now way made me sad.  I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed something so relatively simple, so much!  The steak (not tiny thin slices of some form of meat, which I have had in some other orders) was cooked to the medium/well level I asked for. The onions were just that perfect level of just starting to caramelize on the edges, but still with a little crunch on the inside.  There was a red pepper mayo spread in there too, which was divine.  I have a weakness for red pepper mayo!

It came with a side of fries, and I also ordered a side of coleslaw.  The chips were crispy and fluffy, and those nice chunky but flat ones that you could add to the sandwich easily too!  I know it’s wrong, but it’s just so good!!  It turns out that it also came with a small side of coleslaw.  However, it is different to the extra side of coleslaw that I ordered, and far inferior.  I will stick with the extra order next time too!

The OH had fish and chips, which judging by the speed at which they vanished, were excellent too!

With a couple of diet sodas to wash our feast down with, the bill still only came to less than AED 200!  Absolute bargain!

The only thing I would say to anyone who hadn’t been before and who wanted to visit and have food, is don’t sit too close to the trees if you can avoid it.  There are a number of cats ambling around.  Whilst they are very cute, they can make their bathroom just the other side of the rock from you, so you get a waft of whatever is going on!!!!

Spice Route, Paarl

New day and a new set of eating and drinking to be done!

Today’s first stop was the Spice Route.  Set in the Paarl mountains.

It was a bit of a mission to get to as they are digging up the one road that takes you there, but it was entirely worth it!  Again, the scenery is just stunning. You can see for miles and it’s mostly vineyards. There are mountains and clouds, and sunshine. What is not to love here?!

We started with a wine tasting with food pairing. Let me just show you this thing of beauty before I even start with words… Continue reading

Typing & Eating

Because that’s what you do when you have one of the best lunches you’ve ever had from a “sandwich bar” type place!

Thank you to Pret to Go from your very new but very happy customer!!

This morning was not a good morning for me on the getting ready front.  In fact, it’s a miracle I made it to work ahead of time.  Possibly due to the taxi driver who thought he was on an F1 track.  I digress… so this morning I grabbed some left over steak from last nights dinner, and a banana, and ran out the door.  I’m not convinced I have actually brushed my hair today.  Bother.

Come lunch time, I have a rumbling tummy and an intense desire to eat something tastier than the rubbish that’s available in my building.  So, off I jolly to DIFC to explore their options.  I do have to say though, Pret to Go was on my list of places to look around as my super healthy colleague gets his lunch/afternoon snacks from there a lot.

I am soooo pleased I followed his lead.  Look at these little pots of yumminess… Continue reading