A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.1

I’m an Aunty again!  My wonderful sister had her third child on Wednesday and he is utterly divine!  Naturally this had to be celebrated, and so we celebrated in expat style… with a brunch!

There are so many on offer at the moment that it was a tough choice, but after reading Lil One Of The Ashes review on Giardino it became a lot easier.  A brunch with pool access is combining two of my favourite things… even more so when The Entertainer’s monthly offers has a 241 voucher!

6am Friday morning I was up and fretting though.  What do you wear to the Palazzo Versace when you’re not even a plus size model shape?  (Plus size?  They are a UK12.  That’s called human.  Grr!)

The answer came to me in a blinding flash of inspiration: Continue reading


Ripe Market, Al Barsha Pond Park

I am a food fan, in case you’ve not guessed.  I love pretty much all foods – except anything with those pesky nuts in!  When a friend of mine offered me a trip out to the local organic farmers market, I jumped at the chance!

I was slightly more prepared this time however.  I had been to the one at Zabeel Park a couple of years back so knew it wasn’t going to be an amazing Farmers Market situation going on.  Always good to know that in advance so I didn’t feel the crushing disappointment again!

The Ripe Markets have grown since then and now have two locations in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi.  I was thankful we were trying out the Al Barsha Pond Park market because I knew what a nightmare parking was at Zabeel Park.   Continue reading

An Evening Under the… Fans!!

After our lovely relaxing drinks watching the sun set over the desert, we were very much ready for the evening’s entertainment.

I had booked us a table at a wonderful place called Al Hadeerah.  It’s the crown jewel of this stunning resort!

For a set price of AED 495 for an Arabic BBQ style food buffet (inclusive of water, soft drinks and coffee – all other drinks are charged separately) you are treated to an amazing evening.  It may seem a lot of money, but you’re paying for dinner and a show!

I’ll explain more about the show and the food in between the pictures and videos below, because they will explain better than my words can! Continue reading

Postcards from Vienna at the Dubai Opera House

As you may have guessed by now, my bestie was in town and despite the drama that bought him here, I wanted him to see the good bits too. There was enough seriousness and that needed a break every now again again.

After the giant burger lunch at The Ivy, and an afternoon of insane work, it was the official start to the weekend and that could only mean one thing… the Dubai Opera!

Yes, it could mean lots of things but when your friend happens to be a bit of a classical music connoisseur, there is only one place to start your weekend off!

The Vienna Concert Verein were holding a recital called Continue reading


I’ve been mulling this over for a few days, and I can’t see it any other way….  The movie “Minions” was a spectacular disappointment.

I loved Minions.  I had been crazy excited about the movie opening in Dubai so I could finally see it.  My friend and I got tickets for the first available showing thanks to a google alert showing us that they were on sale.  That’s how seriously we took this movie.  That’s how excited we were.

But what a waste of build up.  There are moments of comic genius in the movie… most of which you have seen in the trailers.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob are cute.  There is no denying that.  However, they are not strong enough to carry a movie.  It could have been really very good.  It had such potential.   Continue reading

Christmadan Party

Nope… not a spelling error!  We had a lovely Christmadan Party this weekend!

What is it?  Easy!  It’s a Christmas Party held in Ramadan.  It’s not as disrespectful as it sounds!

Expats often hold Christmas parties half way through the year.  I don’t know why.  It just happens!  Anyway, this year it happened to fall during Ramadan.  Expats often host gatherings in their homes in Ramadan.  Also, expats also host parties during the super hot summer months.  Add all this together, and you get Christmadan!

(Confession: Continue reading

SAG Awards

I used to obsessively watch the red carpet and awards shows when I lived in Bermuda.  Sadly, because of the time zones, my first glimpse of them is now in the Daily Mail!

So, instead of spending the day discussing it, I will blog a little because no one here has any interest!!!

Rosamund Pike – Ok… what is going on with this chick?  She is normally so well dressed but the last twice she has been on the red carpet, she looked dreadful.  Boo!  Did someone tell her she was showing too much off for a new mother at the last one so she decided to cover up with a giant lampshade this time?!  Random and wrong!

Jennifer Aniston – Is anyone else now slightly obsessed with her boobs?!  She looked absolutely perfect!  Wow!  Shame she didn’t win.  I am sure it’s high time that she did, even though I have no idea what she was in!! Continue reading