Dubai Garden Glow (The Parks, Part 1)

In order to get over the crazy amount of “doing” that we did on the Big Bus Tour, Mum and I ended up having a lovely quiet day of treats the following day.  We had a lovely breakfast at Cafe Barbera, dresses made at Deepa’s in Satwa, we had our nails done at N.Bar, we had lunch at Noodle House (PF Changs was full sadly!) and then we went to the cinema to watch a brilliant film called Molly’s Game at Reel Cinema’s Platinum Suites in Dubai Mall.

That turned out to be fairly tiring too, so the next day we really took it easy.  We had a pool day, read our books, and then had nice pizza’s for supper.  But that felt a bit boring so we decided another adventure was in order!

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Big Bus Tour – Part 6, or, The Last Route

Just like on the Green Route, I hadn’t realised quite how much time would be spent on Sheikh Zayed Road so had opted to go upstairs again.  I can now say that I know that there isn’t a photo opportunity that is worth sitting in the open air section of a bus with no seat belts, belting along SZR at 100kmph in strong winds.  Not only was it cold but it was a little scary at times!!

Thankfully it was the end of the day and so the traffic had started to build up in the marina so we didn’t hurtle our way through there.  We got to sit in traffic, warm up slightly and take pictures of the water.  I could have take more but I was fascinated with the people sat in front of us.  I couldn’t work out if they were brother and sister, or an item.  What I can tell you is that I have NEVER seen a straight man take so many selfies or organise his sister/partners face so much to get the right look, angle and light.  It was unbelievable!!!

Such a shame the buildings were in the way of the sunset!!

I miss the Marina… but not the traffic!!

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The Spectacular ‘La Perle’

Wow, wow and wow again!

After a terribly long and hard day of tanning, Mum and I got all prettied up and headed out to see the new-ish extravaganza written, designed and choreographed solely for Dubai.  It is literally the only place you will ever see this in the world.

Seeing La Perle is an absolute must.

“Dragone” is Franco Dragone, the genius creative director.

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Pyongyang Okryu-Gwan – Or, the North Korean Restaurant in Dubai!

Yep, that’s right.  There is a North Korean restaurant in Dubai and we decided to try it!

As you may have worked out by now, Mummy and I do like a little bit of food sampling from time to time.  Mostly we stick to things we know we like, but every now and again we hear about something fairly random that peaks our interest.

One of my coworkers had recently gone to Pyongyang Okryu-Gwan for dinner and had said some very positive things about it, so when I was making our itinerary/food tour guide, I had to include it.  I never heard about the food, but the description of the live cabaret was more than enough to make me want to see more! Continue reading

More food, Piggies!

When I was a child, my Mummy had surgery a bit too close to Christmas for my Dad’s liking.  In order to play the supportive husband card and get as many brownie points as possible, he booked to take the four of us plus my maternal Grandmother and Grandfather out to dinner on Christmas Day.  From what I remember and what I have been told, it was a lovely day with delicious food.

This however wasn’t Christmas officially for my Grandmother who then on Boxing Day cooked an entire four course Christmas Dinner.  I don’t remember it specifically but I am sure it was equally as delicious as the day before… probably more so actually.  She was an amazing cook. Continue reading

An Al Qasr Christmas!

For as long as I have been in Dubai, Al Qasr has been THE place to have your Christmas lunch.  They were always recognised as one of the best and if you hadn’t booked between July and September, then you weren’t getting in.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I called in mid-December and got a table!  I was just being cheeky really and hoping to get put on the wait list!  I was over the moon!

And you know what, my excitement was very well placed!

Reindeer, sleigh and a pretty tree!

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Bvlgari Afternoon Tea

Although Mum and I had decided that we weren’t doing “flashy Dubai” this vacation, it was Christmas and so there had to be a few lovely treats involved.  The one I was most excited about was going to the recently opened Bvlgari Hotel for their afternoon tea.

Best view of the hotel.

Afternoon tea is one of Mum and my favorite things.  You get little sandwiches and cakes, and tea which makes Mum happy even if I struggle through the hot beverages part!  I like the savory bites the most.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the cakes too but the little sandwiches are my highlight! Continue reading