Friendship, reflection and self realisation

In the last few years I have taken a number of hits in regards to friendships.  People who I thought were very good friends have disappeared.  It has hurt, but I have made peace with it.

However, it all came up again this morning when I discovered that someone had blocked me from their social media accounts, except Facebook which they had simply put me on ‘restricted’.  While I knew we weren’t close friends any more, I didn’t think that we were in that place.

I was really upset, actually.  I know it’s a bit daft but I think it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.   Continue reading


A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.1

I’m an Aunty again!  My wonderful sister had her third child on Wednesday and he is utterly divine!  Naturally this had to be celebrated, and so we celebrated in expat style… with a brunch!

There are so many on offer at the moment that it was a tough choice, but after reading Lil One Of The Ashes review on Giardino it became a lot easier.  A brunch with pool access is combining two of my favourite things… even more so when The Entertainer’s monthly offers has a 241 voucher!

6am Friday morning I was up and fretting though.  What do you wear to the Palazzo Versace when you’re not even a plus size model shape?  (Plus size?  They are a UK12.  That’s called human.  Grr!)

The answer came to me in a blinding flash of inspiration: Continue reading

2nd Nomination!!

Yep!  I’ve found the energy after my incredibly long last post to tell you about my second award!

Also nominated by the lovely Expat Panda, this time for the Blogger Recognition Award.  It’s another cyber hug really but again, I am really touched to have been thought of given how many bloggers there are out there.  This time though there is no cap on followers so really, it feels bigger and more shiny!

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And the Nominees are…

Well, I don’t care who else because, ME!!!

Yep, that’s right!  I have been nominated for two blog awards!!  In a bid to look way more successful and busy, I will be printing in two separate posts!!  I know it’s not a Pulitzer but whatevs!  I am taking it as a win!!!!

(No one who ever got a Pulitzer would ever use so many exclamation points so I’m not holding my breath for that in my future!!!)

The very nice lady who writes Expat Panda nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is very lovely of her.  I don’t know her and I didn’t know she read my ramblings, but I am pleased that she did.  I can now add a pretty new graphic to my page!  See….

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Miss Lily’s Dubai

Everyone, and I mean literally everyone I know has been talking about Miss Lily’s recently, and I smugly am able to tell them how much fun it is because I went at the beginning of November!  (Yep… This post has been in draft for quite a while!!!)

For those of you who don’t know my history, I’m an island girl at heart.  I lived in Bermuda for 5yrs and got quite a taste for jerk chicken as there was a few Jamaican restaurants/cafes to chose from.

When Ting Irie opened I was all all excited until a) I discovered Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Ok, so we are 19 days in to the new year but the sentiment still counts!

It’s been a bit hectic.  The Boy and I decided VERY last minute to fly back to the UK and surprise my Mum for Christmas.  I think it worked too…

She may kill me for this picture!  That’s my niece behind her, coming to see what all the fuss was about!! 

My awesome sister had bought us the absolute BEST jammies in the entire world, ever.  Our family tradition is to have new sleep wear on Christmas Eve.  I don’t remember every set that has ever been bought, but I cannot imagine them getting any better than this… Continue reading

Merry Christmas!!!

I don’t go in for all this “seasons greetings” or “happy holidays’ bollox.  It’s Christmas and I’m excited!!

So much so, that I have changed the look of my blog for the next week!

Also, I have a beautiful real tree this year… Continue reading