MailOnline, that means you!

I hate you.  You keep ruining the shows I am trying to watch.  I don’t read the articles but the pictures, video clips and the headlines you use tell me pretty much everything I am trying desperately NOT to know.

There are some of us who rely on catch up tv to watch the popular shows.  We can’t watch it at the time it is aired.  The reasons are numerous.  Mine is obviously that I’m an expat so I have to wait 24hrs to catch up.  But there are people in the UK who can’t either.  People who have to go to bed early.  People who work shifts.  People who are studying.  So many reasons.

So please, for the love of all things tv secrety, Continue reading

3 Day Juice Cleanse – Day 2

7.30am – Snuggle back down into duvet as no breakfast making means longer lay in.

7.45am – Go waste time in the shower.

8.00am – Start Juice 1 shots.

8.01am – Get pleasant surprise that the juice tastes better today.

8.23am – Have last shot. Continue reading

3 Day Juice Cleanse – Day One

Day One

8.00am – The Boy has charged off to Freshii in an excited whir to pick up our juices.

8.01am – Decide to hide in the shower for a bit longer.

8.15am – He is back and I’m getting nagged to come and have breakfast.

8.16am – I hate this week already.

8.20am – My drinking days have finally lead to something useful.  This nasty poopy looking juice is much more palatable if taken like a shot. Continue reading

Self Sabotage


Obvs not me.

Hands up who does self sabotages?  No, seriously.  Do you?  I need to know.  Am I the only one?

I am the queen of self sabotage.  Today is just the latest example.  I can pull 101 excuses for it but I honestly don’t know why I actually do.

Let me explain…. Continue reading

Naughty, naughty!


I was having a little shuffle through Instagram this lunch time and found an account full of other peoples pictures, including mine.  What was even more cheeky is that they had listed my recipe and claimed it as their own.

Now, I’m not a vain person and I don’t do this to collect followers or get lots of likes, but that pissed me off!

If you are going to use my recipes, please credit me.  If you are going to use my pictures then going forward you Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Ok, so we are 19 days in to the new year but the sentiment still counts!

It’s been a bit hectic.  The Boy and I decided VERY last minute to fly back to the UK and surprise my Mum for Christmas.  I think it worked too…

She may kill me for this picture!  That’s my niece behind her, coming to see what all the fuss was about!! 

My awesome sister had bought us the absolute BEST jammies in the entire world, ever.  Our family tradition is to have new sleep wear on Christmas Eve.  I don’t remember every set that has ever been bought, but I cannot imagine them getting any better than this… Continue reading

Facebook Frustrations

I am not good in the mornings. My eyes may be open but it’s not a general indicator that all is well. It just means my eyes have decided that they are rested enough. My mind and body definitely do not agree with this 99% of the time.

My way of waking myself up is to look at my phone. I’m sure it’s terrible for me and will result in eyeball cancer or something, but it’s true. In the olden times, Mum had to talk me awake. Now my eyes talk me awake.

What do I look at, I hear you ask? (Yes, I have a vivid imagination.) Continue reading