Palazzo Versace

If you’re going to have a pool day then you may as well do it properly!  With that in mind, there was only one logical choice for Mum’s first day of relaxation…. the beautifully over the top Palazzo Versace!

The best partner to adventure with!

I am a big fan of this place.  It’s so over the top it’s crazy, but all so Versace it just works!  Nowhere else could pull off such gaudy extravagance.  Well, the Burj Al Arab comes close but doesn’t quite work.  Personally, I think it’s the cheap looking cousin. Continue reading


A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.2

As you may have read in “A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.1“, I had an absolutely splendid day by the East Wing pool and then brunch at Giardino.  It was so good that I had a serious need to try out their other pool and lunch experience!

Thanks to the Entertainer’s fabulous 241 offers and The Boy’s willingness to try anything at any time, even on a moment’s notice, we headed back to the Palazzo Versace at 9am on Saturday morning.  The offer this time was pool time in the West Wing, followed by a buffet lunch at Amalfi restaurant.

One thing I am always super aware of when I am going anywhere with people is that just because I have been before doesn’t mean they have, and as such, Continue reading