Blaze Burgers… the Verdict


There are no good words to start this, so have a picture instead…..


Blaze Burgers on JBR is where you will find the “6abooc-a Burger”, aka the Brick Burger.

The Boy and I have been borderline fantasising about this place since the restaurant launched itself in a blaze (!) Continue reading


A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.2

As you may have read in “A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.1“, I had an absolutely splendid day by the East Wing pool and then brunch at Giardino.  It was so good that I had a serious need to try out their other pool and lunch experience!

Thanks to the Entertainer’s fabulous 241 offers and The Boy’s willingness to try anything at any time, even on a moment’s notice, we headed back to the Palazzo Versace at 9am on Saturday morning.  The offer this time was pool time in the West Wing, followed by a buffet lunch at Amalfi restaurant.

One thing I am always super aware of when I am going anywhere with people is that just because I have been before doesn’t mean they have, and as such, Continue reading

A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.1

I’m an Aunty again!  My wonderful sister had her third child on Wednesday and he is utterly divine!  Naturally this had to be celebrated, and so we celebrated in expat style… with a brunch!

There are so many on offer at the moment that it was a tough choice, but after reading Lil One Of The Ashes review on Giardino it became a lot easier.  A brunch with pool access is combining two of my favourite things… even more so when The Entertainer’s monthly offers has a 241 voucher!

6am Friday morning I was up and fretting though.  What do you wear to the Palazzo Versace when you’re not even a plus size model shape?  (Plus size?  They are a UK12.  That’s called human.  Grr!)

The answer came to me in a blinding flash of inspiration: Continue reading

Lesson Sadly Learnt

If you see a new restaurant or a cafe that looks amaze, and you really want to try it, do. As soon as possible. Don’t wait a few years to get around to it. Because when you do it might completely suck and then you’ve wasted a few years waiting for the right time to treat yourself.

Yes, this really can happen. Today proved that completely.

I have been walking past Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar for the last few years.  Self preservation has always kept me as far away from it as possible.  I mean, a whole cafe dedicated to chocolate?!  Amaze and sooooo dangerous. Continue reading

Ripe Market, Al Barsha Pond Park

I am a food fan, in case you’ve not guessed.  I love pretty much all foods – except anything with those pesky nuts in!  When a friend of mine offered me a trip out to the local organic farmers market, I jumped at the chance!

I was slightly more prepared this time however.  I had been to the one at Zabeel Park a couple of years back so knew it wasn’t going to be an amazing Farmers Market situation going on.  Always good to know that in advance so I didn’t feel the crushing disappointment again!

The Ripe Markets have grown since then and now have two locations in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi.  I was thankful we were trying out the Al Barsha Pond Park market because I knew what a nightmare parking was at Zabeel Park.   Continue reading

Bread Street Kitchen

Back in Mid-November, The Boy and I decided to treat ourselves to a lovely weekend getaway at Atlantis the Palm.  The price included dinner at either Nobu or Bread Street.  We have heard a fair bit about Bread Street from various friends, so we thought we would give it a shot!

Firstly, we had the most divine waiter called Kyle.  He was new over from Cape Town and was a breath of fresh air.  We thoroughly enjoyed his service.  He was polite and chatty, and just fun!  Thank you again!

Now, dinner… the bit I had been looking forward to after running around Aquaventure all day like a loone!  (Ok, that’s a lie.  I spent the majority of the day on the lazy river!)

We started by ordering a glass of wine, and Continue reading

Continued… “Near The Top”

So, I totally forgot to add the photos that the official photographers took at the Burj Khalifa to my last post!

They obviously don’t see more than a boy and a girl being out together, so make you pose as you would with your significant other. We were howling.

I order to get copies of all the photos taken, we had to buy two prints. It’s a bit on the excessive side as it costs you AED 600 roughly. However, given how much it made us laugh having them taken, and again looking at them later on, it was worth it!

Here are a selection, because you don’t need to see all 19!!  Continue reading