Brunch at Coya

Hello everyone!  I’m back… sort of.  I never meant to be away.  It just kind of happened.  I ran out of words again.

But thanks to my friend’s birthday brunch at Coya this weekend, I have plenty!

Coya is the Four Season’s Peruvian offering, and I’ve heard some really good things about it.  I’ve also heard some less than impressive things.  I went very briefly when it first opened for one of their much discussed cocktails it was absolutely Continue reading


A Very Versace Weekend – Pt.1

I’m an Aunty again!  My wonderful sister had her third child on Wednesday and he is utterly divine!  Naturally this had to be celebrated, and so we celebrated in expat style… with a brunch!

There are so many on offer at the moment that it was a tough choice, but after reading Lil One Of The Ashes review on Giardino it became a lot easier.  A brunch with pool access is combining two of my favourite things… even more so when The Entertainer’s monthly offers has a 241 voucher!

6am Friday morning I was up and fretting though.  What do you wear to the Palazzo Versace when you’re not even a plus size model shape?  (Plus size?  They are a UK12.  That’s called human.  Grr!)

The answer came to me in a blinding flash of inspiration: Continue reading

Saturday Brunch at Nineteen, Address Montgomerie

What an absolute pleasure to be able to write what is going to be an entirely positive post!  I have nothing but good things to say about this weekends brunching overindulgence!

I’ve been to Nineteeen at the Address Montgomerie more times than I care to admit.  Each time I hoped it would be as good as the first time and sadly, it failed or just got worse.

Thankfully I was in the mood for a roast dinner and totally blanked some of the poorest experiences.

Nineteen has not only gone through a refurbishment, but it’s Saturday brunch has too! There is no table service for anything other than drinks now, which is great because it means it’s easier to mix and match!

Let me tell you about the bits I did sample… Continue reading

A year on…

It’s Dubai. Nothing stays the same for a whole year, right?

Last July I went to Bollaro at the Conrad and loved it. I loved it so much that I wrote probably one of my nicest posts ever about it – which you can read here if you want.

When I was invited to my lovely friend’s 50th birthday celebration, I was very excited to find out it was at Bollaro. I mean, I had such a great experience there that it would be lovely for her too!

And it was… Continue reading

Christmas, Dubai Stylie!

Belated seasons greetings to you all!  I hope you had a fabulous day and that Santa overlooked your transgressions and was good to you!

This was my first Dubai Christmas.  I have been living over here for nearly 5yrs, but have managed to arrange my vacation to get away over the Christmas (I like saying Christmas so will do so a lot!), and New Year period.  I spent my first in Qatar, my second and fourth in South Africa, and my third in London. So, when doing Christmas Dubai Stylie, then a brunch must be included!

Because it had been a manic few weeks in the run up to Christmas, we had left it until the last minute (literally, days before) in order to book.  Not ideal really!  I had a top 5 list of places in my mind that I would have liked to go to, but only thankfully got to number three before I could book!

I firstly had called Al Qsar trying to book, and not only were they fully booked but they had over 800 people on their wait list.  I couldn’t believe it!  I knew it was popular but had no idea how much so!

I was wait listed for my second choice too.  In fairness, they were really rude so I was pleased when I rang back to cancel that!

Then I called Fazaris at The Address Downtown.   Continue reading

Veuve Brunch!!!!

That’s right peeps!  There is a brunch that has Veuve Clicquot!!!!!!


I kind of don’t want to write this because then you’ll all know about it and it will get super popular.  If that happens, I won’t be able to get a table as often as I would like to!  I have a feeling I may become a regular!

Ballaro at the Conrad is officially my new favourite!!

It’s thankfully not a party brunch (although the live band and the DJ are very good), and it’s not a “family” brunch.  It’s just a nice brunch!  There is a range of people attending from large groups celebrating birthdays, to families, to couples and to smaller groups of friends who are just having a good gossip!   Continue reading