Pure Anger

There was a Facebook post the other day that asked what the first item of news is that you remember.  My family never had the news on very much.  Mum doesn’t like that kind of negativity in the house.  But I do remember the case of James Bulger.  I doubt anyone in the UK could ever forget that one.

For people who aren’t British, James was a 2yr old who was abducted from a shopping mall in Liverpool while his mother’s back was turned for seconds.  He was then walked to a railway line, tortured, murdered and then mutilated post-mortem.  The worst part?  Yes, it sadly can be worse.  This gruesome, barbaric and inhumane act was carried out by Continue reading



MailOnline, that means you!

I hate you.  You keep ruining the shows I am trying to watch.  I don’t read the articles but the pictures, video clips and the headlines you use tell me pretty much everything I am trying desperately NOT to know.

There are some of us who rely on catch up tv to watch the popular shows.  We can’t watch it at the time it is aired.  The reasons are numerous.  Mine is obviously that I’m an expat so I have to wait 24hrs to catch up.  But there are people in the UK who can’t either.  People who have to go to bed early.  People who work shifts.  People who are studying.  So many reasons.

So please, for the love of all things tv secrety, Continue reading

London Will NEVER Fall


I have so many words today that this could be a jumbled mess that I never remember the actual starting point for.  On the plus side it won’t be as bad as it could be as it’s first thing in the morning and so there is no wine involved.

I was sat on my couch last night when a BBC News Alert binged my phone.  Because of the regularity of famous people dying last year, The Boy always asks “who has died this time” when he hears it.  This time no one – yet. Continue reading

Armchair Detectives

I break with my catch up for an up to date event, because I have words in my head that I need to use up!

Last night The Boy and I ended up watching the new Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix. We have always both been interested true crime type things, and so the odd documentary like this is something we both want to watch and don’t have to compromise on!!


Continue reading

Post Brexit Bullshit

Remember when there was a social media campaign with the hashtag #walkwithme (or something similar) after Muslims were being targeted after some or other terrorist atrocity that had nothing to do with them?  Well, I think we need to bring that back.

#walkwithme if you feel you’re being watched.

#walkwithme if you feel threatened or vulnerable.

#walkwithme if you think you are in danger.

#walkwithme if you are just afraid to be on your own.

Like every civilised person, I am very anti Continue reading

The C-Bomb

Today’s thought jumble is caused by Katie Price (also known as ‘Jordan’) parading her son on TV and his (accurate) description of bullies.

For those of you who haven’t been subjected to years of this woman in magazines  and newspapers, and also TV, Katie Price started as a ‘glamour model’ (her modeling name was Jordan) and has morphed into a very successful business woman.  She has done exceptionally well for herself. At 23, she had a son by a bit of an a-hole called Dwight Yorke.  He was a big name in football at the time.  I don’t know if he still is.  My dislike of football is as big as my dislike of peas.  Harvey was born blind.  He has also been diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome, Autism and ADHD. Continue reading

The Lion and the Dentist

Poor, beautiful Cecil.

I am heartbroken that this magnificent creature was hunted, tortured, skinned and beheaded.  It’s just absolutely beyond the pale.  I don’t believe hunting is a sport.  How is it a sport when only one party knows what’s happening?  It’s dreadful.

This stunning lion was shot with an arrow.  It did NOT kill him outright.  He was tracked for the next bazillion hours until he collapsed.  He was then shot.  This is equally as cruel as fox hunting, and you know how I feel about that.

However, Continue reading