Burgers & Bubbles

So it turns out that there is a really good reason that I don’t drink during the week.  I am too old and my hangovers are way too bad.  That said, I had such a great night at the Firebird Diner that I only marginally care how rough I feel right now!

Firebird Diner is the American style offering from the Four Seasons at DIFC.  It’s a concept done to death in my mind and most fall way short of the mark.  Not so much this place.  It’s decor is bright and clean, and well, American Diner style.  I don’t know what else to say really!

What I do know I am going to say is that their Ladies Night offering, Burgers & Bubbles, is Continue reading


Because they don’t care anymore…

As you will have heard by now, The Ivy in Emirates Towers is closing it’s doors on 31st December.  There are a myriad of rumours going around as to why this is happening, none of which I am going to repeat on here as some of them could be slightly libelous at best!!

What I can tell you is that it just feels like they no longer care.  Why do I say that?  Well, Ladies Night.  I went last week and had the worst meal I have every had there.  By far.

The Ladies Night menu consists of a 3 course meal and 4 glasses of wine for AED 199 which is an absolute bargain.  Or, it used to be.  Now it’s just a bit embarrassing.  Portion sizes have been cut down so dramatically that you really are thankful for the bowl of bread at the beginning of the meal.

For example, this is their prawn cocktail starter: Continue reading

Lunch at The Ivy? Why not!

One of the fun things to do for guests when they visit you in Dubai is take them to named restaurants.  The likes of Nobu and Haakasan are easy to get to and fairly affordable for a special treat.

The Ivy happens to be very close to where I work, and easy to get to in a taxi from the apartment. It was the perfect lunch spot choice, and the portions are massive which was needed as we wouldn’t have time for dinner before heading out.

But I’m getting ahead of myself… Continue reading

Downtown Touristing

As explained in my previous post (here), my best friend of 15yrs is visiting me in Dubai.  Since I know how I feel after an over night flight back from Jo’burg, I decided that we would have a nice quiet little look around Downtown and the Dubai Mall.

However, I hadn’t factored in “us”.

The night started with a shot… Continue reading

Saturday Brunch at Nineteen, Address Montgomerie

What an absolute pleasure to be able to write what is going to be an entirely positive post!  I have nothing but good things to say about this weekends brunching overindulgence!

I’ve been to Nineteeen at the Address Montgomerie more times than I care to admit.  Each time I hoped it would be as good as the first time and sadly, it failed or just got worse.

Thankfully I was in the mood for a roast dinner and totally blanked some of the poorest experiences.

Nineteen has not only gone through a refurbishment, but it’s Saturday brunch has too! There is no table service for anything other than drinks now, which is great because it means it’s easier to mix and match!

Let me tell you about the bits I did sample… Continue reading

Afternoon Tea at the Burj Al Arab

Every now and again I feel the need to act my age.  Thankfully its very rare, but when it does happen, instead of doing something boring I end up having a very lovely afternoon with one of my girlfriends at the Burj Al Arab!

I should confess that it isn’t exactly how this wonderful day started… Read here for the whole sorry cupcake saga.

I know I am going to go on a rambling off topic bit about the hotel first, so sorry but…. Continue reading

Ting Irie – Update

As you know, I went to Ting Irie for Iftar in June, and was quite impressed.


Now I am even more impressed!!!

I went back with a friend who also happens to be an ex-Bermuda expat.  She had seen it was finally open and also needed to get her fix of jerk spices.

Firstly, we were greeted by a lovely cheery lady called Monique.  She instantly makes you feel welcome and then on top of that, remembers your names so when you are leaving, she can say goodbye personally.  How does she manage that!?  I can’t remember names for more than 5 minutes!! Continue reading