MailOnline, that means you!

I hate you.  You keep ruining the shows I am trying to watch.  I don’t read the articles but the pictures, video clips and the headlines you use tell me pretty much everything I am trying desperately NOT to know.

There are some of us who rely on catch up tv to watch the popular shows.  We can’t watch it at the time it is aired.  The reasons are numerous.  Mine is obviously that I’m an expat so I have to wait 24hrs to catch up.  But there are people in the UK who can’t either.  People who have to go to bed early.  People who work shifts.  People who are studying.  So many reasons.

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Armchair Detectives

I break with my catch up for an up to date event, because I have words in my head that I need to use up!

Last night The Boy and I ended up watching the new Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix. We have always both been interested true crime type things, and so the odd documentary like this is something we both want to watch and don’t have to compromise on!!


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Product Placement

Have you ever watched a really popular show and noticed how many brands are visible? Everything from FedEx to Apple. They pay a huge chunk to the tv people (yeah, I have no idea who more than that) and their product is placed somewhere so that you subliminally think of them next time you want a new computer or a parcel couriered.

It’s kind of clever really, but it appears not to work with me more than counting how many global names I recognise.

No, what gets me is the food. I’m not talking about a particular soda or a type of coffee house. I mean actual food.

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The Perfect Proposal?

I spent yesterday (aherm, last week) binge watching trash tv. It’s my guilty pleasure. I don’t watch things that make me think, or things that make me smart. I watch pure rubbish. And I am very happy with that.

However, yesterday everyone seemed to be getting engaged.

(Skip this if you don’t want spoilers… Although in fairness, I am catching up on older tv shows (or rewatching things I’ve seen a hundred times!) so you probably already know these characters go through this!)

Picture of the pretty sparkly to break the page for the spoilers!!

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ABC’s Nashville

I have too many words for Twitter!  I am absolutely devastated.  Ok, slight over exaggeration, but I am deeply upset!

The a-holes at ABC have cancelled Nashville at the end of this season.


Yes, it was bad.  Yes, it was corny.  Yes, they have somewhat lost the original spirit of the show.  But it was still good!  It was pure trash TV!  It had pretty people (mostly – I won’t miss Glen’s hair) and they had good music (if you like Country and almost Country) and story lines which you want to follow no matter how ludicrous.

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The C-Bomb

Today’s thought jumble is caused by Katie Price (also known as ‘Jordan’) parading her son on TV and his (accurate) description of bullies.

For those of you who haven’t been subjected to years of this woman in magazines  and newspapers, and also TV, Katie Price started as a ‘glamour model’ (her modeling name was Jordan) and has morphed into a very successful business woman.  She has done exceptionally well for herself. At 23, she had a son by a bit of an a-hole called Dwight Yorke.  He was a big name in football at the time.  I don’t know if he still is.  My dislike of football is as big as my dislike of peas.  Harvey was born blind.  He has also been diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome, Autism and ADHD. Continue reading

Netflix’s Making A Murderer

There is going to be a bunch of spoilers in this, so if you’ve not watched it and you don’t want to know what’s going on before you do, stop reading now!!

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